Sunday, January 13, 2013

[Review] Infinite H – Special Girl MV

Infinite H – Special Girl MV Review

Okay, I am obsessed and addicted to this song now and HOYA too. Okay, I like the beginning beat. It catchy and that what caught my mind. It started off with Hoya saving the girl from the bad guys which happening to be like an acting scene and then the rapping start the song.  OH Hoya looks very handsome. It basically how both of them creates a love relationship and feelings with the female lead.

I love the sets of the MV. My favorite would be near the end when the scene was changing seasons back and forth. The music video itself is cute and adorable. The dance to the song is so adorable too. I like the dance. There nothing bad about the MV at all. I love the voice of both of them. The rapping part was great too. Nothing bad:)

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