Saturday, January 12, 2013

[Review] SNSD - Dancing Queen MV

SNSD - Dancing Queen MV Review

Dancing Queen was release before there actually comeback date on January 1st. Dancing Queen is a remake of a song called Mercy by Duffy. When I first heard about it, I was surprise that it was actually record back in 2008 but never released before. I mean I saw pictures of the set, for example I saw that picture (up) before back when Gee was released but didn't know anything at all. 

Okay, the beginning open up with Yoona opening up a present which is actually a time machine that they travel back to the year of 2008 when they record this music video. All the girls gather around Yoona that then they went back to the past. The opening is very bright and cute. It majority PINK. 

The beginning of the song started out with some beats and it really catchy. As the music started you could tell is some what a cute song too. The dance is so adorable and cute. When I watch this music video it remind be of the Gee days because of the clothes. The skinny color jeans and the basic blue jean and white tee with white background. It was similar to the Gee days, I have to say. 

The girls look younger then they do now, in 2013. I miss all their hair style and I really miss Sunny hair too. Everything was very similar to Gee, because this was suppose to be release as a single before Gee.

At the end, it end it off back to the beginning/opening scene and then it give a teaser of their album song "I Got A Boy". 

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