Sunday, January 13, 2013

[Review] SNSD - I Got A Boy MV

SNSD – I Got A Boy MV Review

The beginning of the “I Got A Boy” MV is the same scene opening “Dancing Queen”. There is a male lead but you can’t really tell who he is at all, because you could only see the profile and back of him only. The song starts off with a rap(ish)/singing(ish) lyrics between two girls: Sooyoung and Yuri. I happen to like the “Ayo GG!” part. It is just so catchy to sing that part. I always happen to sing that part every time I hear the song. There were about 4 different sets for the girls and I love all the sets. I happen to love all the solo scenes with the girl and the male lead. But my favorite solo scene was Hyoyeon who meet up with the male lead and punch him. Good Job Hyoyeon. There the part where Taeyeon sing “Ahh My Prince” I love that part. It so addicting, I have to sing it. Also Jessica looks so pretty when she sings “Let’s Bring Back To 140” I don’t know what that means at all.

OMG, they all were wearing a wig all the same. I couldn’t even tell them apart in the picture. It wasn’t so much noticeable in the music video because there were only a few scenes that show it. Okay, talking about hair now. It just seem that they just pour paint into their hair. It was so amazing and beautiful I have to say, I really love Hyoyeon rainbow color hair. Majority of them have color hair like Taeyeon and Sunny. I notice that she dye it different colors for the live stages too.

The style of the song is very different from all the other past song that SNSD have sung before. It seem like there was 3 to 4 different song just put together. It was quite confusing at first when I first listen and saw the music video but after listening to it a couple times I really like it and the change of the song. I notice that the main and lead vocalist have a lot of the singing part here. The others seem to be have a little singing part or a rapping part. I would of like it, if they parted differently but, it still seem nice to listen too.

Their style for this was different. They didn’t wear the same outfit at all. Which look nice and different from the past. Each style was different and it matched the character of each of them. I have to say I love them wearing the hats and dancing with the hats. I happen to really like all the live stage outfits so far. The dance was strong and difficult too. At first, I was like no way. I was dance to their song, but I don’t know if I will be able to dance to this one at all. I am still learning. There is so many highlight dance moves in this song too. The dance is probably one thing that I really love too.  

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