Friday, July 12, 2013

BESTie - Korean Girl Group

BESTie, a four-member Korean girl group under Korean label YNB Entertianment whom debuted in July 2013.
A lot of you guys may already know that 3(three) of the 4(four) members are originally from another Korean girl group call EXID under Korean label AB Entertainment.

The members name of this group are (in order of the picture above): Hyeyeon, Haeryung, Dahye, and U.Ji. 

The ladies debuted with the song called "PitAPat". 

The concept of the debut song is very cute-ie with some edgy to it for me. I so happen not to like this song so much. I mean BESTie is one rookie group that I would look forward to but this debut song is not for me at all since I have seen the other three members in a different concept before.

The 3 member who originally debuted with EXID (whom I really love) with the song "Whoz That Girl?" left the group 2 months after the release of their debut song. The reasons was U.Ji (formerly known as Yuzi and leader of EXID) would temporarily stop working and return to Seoul Institute of Arts after taking a break from promoting while Hyeyeon (former known as Dami) would be studying to get into college and Haeryung would be planning to become an actress. After sometimes the three members left AB Entertainment and join YNB Entertainment. 
As a matter of fact, I happen to really love and like U.Ji in EXID because of the song and her voice. She was a member that caught my attention when I listen to their song. But, of course, since U.Ji debuted in BESTie, she won't be going back to EXID, which I really hope she did.

To say, the reason why I didn't like this concept for them because I think the more edgy-er concepts match them more since U.Ji vocals are strong and her voice doesn't really match the concepts much at all. 

Although they debuted under BESTie, I didn't know U.Ji was the Yuzi at all since she looks totally different from when she was in EXID. The other remembers I could still remember but U.Ji was just different.

Although I happen not to like this song, I am glad to see them back in the entertainment world again and I am hoping that I would love the next comeback song. Also that BESTie (the three members) would still remember their EXID experiences along with still being friends with the other EXID members. 

Here to conclude this post, here is EXID - Whoz That Girl when the three members, U.Ji, Haeryung, and Hyeyeon was still in EXID. Along with the LIVE version too.

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