Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[Review] Nail Shop Paris

Yeo Joo writes a love story on the internet about a fox with nine tails (Gumiho). The story becomes a hit and Yeo Joo becomes somewhat of an internet celebrity. Then, Yeo Joo is caught in a plagiarism scandal. For her next story, Yeo Joo decides to write about something completely new. For inspriation, Yeo Joo decides to observe real people for her story. 

Yeo Joo goes to the subway station. There, she sees a man save a woman from a drug addict. The hero is name Alex. Yeo Joo thinks Alex woule make for a good material in her next story. She follows Alex to his place of work, which turns out to be a nail shop named "Paris." Yeo Joo decides to work at the nail shop, but it appears the shop onlyhires men. Yeo Joo then disguises herself as a man with the help of her friend Ji Soo.

Park Gyrui | Jun Ji Hoo
Song Jae Rim | Thunder (Cheon Dung)

Park Gyuri as Yeo Joo or Bunny
Jun Ji Hoo as Alex
Song Jae Rim as Kay
Thunder as Jin

Of course Yeo Joo started working at the nail shop and become very close with all three male character in there. But unfortunately Jin found out to soon but help kept the secret form them all and the CEO of the shop too. Soon Kay started falling for Yeo Joo or more exactly Bunny since he doesn't know that Bunny is a girl. Jin also started going out with Bunny best friend Ji Soo during that time too, but soon enough Kay found out that Bunny is a girl and then Alex overheard everything. Ever since then Alex started to notice his feelings for her too, but Kay and Bunny also started going out. Bunny thought that Alex didn't know. Although writing her story was her goal too, she also have another mission, more exactly two more mission. The first mission is to found out if her boss is a gumiho since she have a necklace that look familiar to the gumiho that save her when she was little. Also the next mission is to get her certificate to be a nail artist. Of course, during all those process, many things happen that the members and boss of Paris have to help out others. 

At the end something interesting and unexpected happen, which I didn't expect at all but I have to say this is an okay movie. The ending suck of course because she didn't end up with the guy I wanted her to end up with but the movie was interesting that it caught my eyes at the beginning and keep on wanting me to watch when the new episode come on. 

Han So Young | Kim Chae Yeon

Han So Young as Ji Soo
Kim Chae Yeon as the Boss/CEO of Nail Shop Paris

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