Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Dare You To Take This!

I came upon this quick and fun quiz like on asianfanfics about KPOP! What a great way to get to know a little about each other! Let's just get started then. Quick and Easy! I dare you!

Name / Nickname: DORKiiE
Real Name: Linda
Ethnicity: Asian ^ (HMONG)
Height: 5'4
Birth Of Date: November 14
Favourite Boy Group: Boyfriend
Favourite Girl Group: Girls' Generation
Ultimate Boy Bias: Youngmin:)<3
Ultimate Girl Bias:  Taeyeon:)<3
Second Favourite Boy Group: 2PM
Second Favourite Girl Group: APink
Second Boy Bias: Taecyeon<3
Second Girl Bias: Bomi<3
Favourite Food: Chicken
Favourite Junk Food: chips (:
Favourite Color: red:)
Favourite OTP: i dunno
Favourite Song ATM (Male): DMTN - Safety Zone
Favourite Song ATM (Female): Hello Venus - Do You Want Some Tea
One Song that Describes Your Life: Noooone
What Will You Do When You See Your Ultimate Bias Live: fangirl, scream up lungs,autogaph, hugs
Idols You Dislike/Hate: Rania; Chocat [Is more like I haven't got myself to like them]
Idols You Idolize (Talents) (Girl): SNSD Taeyeon, SNSD Yoona, 4Minute Hyuna, Hello Venus Yoo Ara, After School Nana, APink Bomi, APink Chorong, APink Eunji, Kara Jiyoung, SISTAR Bora, Wonder Girls Lim, Wonder Girls Sunye, Wonder Girls Yenny, Secret Jieun
Idols You Idolize (Talents) (Boy): 2PM Taecyeon, 2PM Wooyoung, Super Junior Henry, SHINee Minho, Boyfriend Youngmin, Boyfriend Donghyun
Name Your Biases: SNSD Taeyeon, SNSD Seohyun, SNSD Yoona, SNSD Yuri, Girls' Generation(ALL), Super Junior Shindong, Super Junior Henry, Boyfriend Youngmin, Boyfriend Donghyun, APink Bomi, APink Chorong, SHINee Minho, 2PM Taecyeon, 2PM Wooyoung, Wonder Girls (all), Secret Jieun, SISTAR Bora, Lee Seung Gi, F(x) (all), EXO-K Suho, EXO-M Luhan, Hello Venus Yoo Ara, After School Nana, After School Raina, After School Jungah, Davichi (all), Ailee, IU, 2NE1 Park Bom, 2NE1 Dara, MBLAQ Thunder, MBLAQ Seungho, CNBlue (all), BoA, 15& (all), Baek Ah Yeon, EXID (all), Kara Jiyoung, G.NA, Juniel, Infinite L, Infinite Hoya, Infinite Sunggyu, 4Minute Hyuna, BEAST Kikwang, BTOB Ilhoon, BTOB Peniel, Joo
What Japanese Name You Want: Kayoko 
What Korean Name You Want: Chung Ae
What English Name You Want: Melissa
What Chinese Name You Want: Li Xue 
What Hair Color Do You Want: Brown
How Tall Do You Want To Be: 5'6 or 5'7
Nickname Your Friends/Family Calls You: my hmong names ..
Ideal Type: Tall, Sweet, Masculine, Great Smile
Ideal Man: Taecyeon babyyy!!! <3
Who's Your Bias In Sistar: Bora
Who's Your Bias In Infinite: Hoya and L
Who's Your Bias In APink: Chorong and Bomi
Who's Your Bias In Exo K: Suho
Who's Your Bias In F(x): Victoria, Krystal, Sulli, Amber, Luna
Who's Your Bias In DBSK: Yunho
Who's Your Bias In SNSD: Taeyeon
Who's Your Bias In Shinee: Minho
Who's Your Bias In SKarf: Don't Have a Bias in the group, but I am getting to know them. 
Who's Your Bias In TeenTop: Chunji
Who's Your Bias In Tara: Soyeon
Who's Your Bias In Hellovenus: Yoo Ara
Who's Your Bias In Exo M: Luhan 
Who's The Hottest Boy Group: 2PM
Who Creates The Best Music: Girls' Generation, APink, 2PM, Boyfriend, MBLAQ
Exo's Tao or Infinite's SungJong: EXO Tao
Infinite's L or Exo's Kai: Infinite L
Infinite or Exo: EXO 
SNSD or Tara: SNSD
APink or Hellovenus: APINK
Boyfriend's Youngmin or Boyfriend's Kwangmin: Youngmin
CrayonPop's Ellin or SKarf's Jenny: Skarf Jenny
F(x)'s Krystal or Sistar's Bora: SISTAR Bora
Best OST: OST by Taeyeon
Best Comeback Song In 2013 (Male): 2PM Come Back When You Hear This Song
Best Comeback Song In 2013 (Female): Girls' Generation - I Got A Boy
Worst Comeback Song In 2013 (Male): urrrrr.... i dunno
Worst Comeback Song In 2013 (Female): idunno
Would You Rather... (underline answer)
Go on a date with EXO's Xiumin or Spend a day at home cooking with Exo's Tao
Have a possesive boyfriend like Infinite L or Outgoing boyfriend like EXO's Luhan
Slap Infinite's L or Breakup with EXO's Luhan 
Kiss Suzy or Slap Suzy
Admit you're dating to the press or Breakup with EXO's Baekhyun 
Have a boyfriend who secretly cares or Have a boyfriend that cares openly  
Let Exo's Kris kiss an actress for a drama or Let EXO's Luhan kiss Sehun  
Have a day out with APink or Fight with Exo's Luhan
Be EXO's Chen's girlfriend or Bangtan Boy's V's girlfriend 
Tell your boyfriend, EXO's Kai you love EXO's Luhan or See Kai cheating on you with your bestfriend
Now that you are done reading my dare, it's your turn to do it now! I dare you to write your answers honestly!

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