Friday, July 12, 2013

[MV Review] Ailee, APink, Baek Ah Yeon

Today I am going to review Ailee - U&I, APink - No No No and Baek Ah Yeon - Good Boy!

So let's just get started saying that Ailee comeback was something that I have been waiting for quite a while. No surprise, she did surprise me through this comeback. The song title for Ailee comeback is "U&I". 

The music video starts with a phone call but what caught mine eyes were that telephone with all that bling bling on it. I though dang this must be something glamours by the very first scene already. Then we notice she walking to pick up the phone and her shoes. WOW, OMG! That was my face. I mean those SHOE, what kind of shoe are they, I mean I could never where those at all. Plus addition to the shoe was the studs on the shoe itself. Very edgy. So we of course see her next taking the sunny off. One thing on top of my mind was the color of her hair. I just notice it was different, I am not quite sure myself but, it look different. I am pretty sure she dye her hair color for sure. The music video is indeed glamours and edgy at the same time. 

Then here come the music. The music seems very American style for me, but I like the song. I am guessing Ailee wants to take a different path with this song into the KPOP world, since it does sound different from other KPOP song. I happen to like this song a lot because just of the upbeat music. 

Rate: 9/10

Up Next, APink "No No No". APink comeback have been on my list for quite a while now and I am glad to have them back. Instead they came back with the album under Secret Garden with only 6 members. Seeing the pictures of the album I couldn't help but notice that one member whom I happen to like a lot wasn't there, Yookyung. I miss her a lot. But other then that, this song happens to be very catchy. APink going back to the same and similar concepts again which I like too.

The music video seems very similar to another music video they have done before "My My" but I happen to love all the sets for this music video. Also along with the music video, they also release the dance video, which I happen to love the dance scenes a lot and the set itself. 

Rate: 10/10

Next up, KPOP Star Baek Ah Yeon with Good Boy. Since Baek Ah Yeon debut, I haven't hear or listen much to her songs at all, but until this one came on, I happen to love it a lot. I listen to it since it a very nice and lovely song, something I wouldn't get bored with at all. 

The music video itself is amazing with all the different sets around. I love how her bed is up high and she have to go down by walking down different boxes that are stacks in different ways. 

Rate: 9.5/10

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