Thursday, March 26, 2015

LTA KPOP EP 54: Top 20 OST Songs (2014 edition)

As a K-drama viewer, there are great songs that goes with great drama to watch. There are tons and tons of great songs that comes out with these dramas every year and they all sound amazing but there are always songs and/or OST that I will always listen to nonstop on repeat. Let's go and get started.

20. G.NA - Will You Kiss Me? (Mischievous Kiss OST)
19. Super Junior Yesung - It Has To Be You (Cinderella's Sister OST)

18. Kim Tae Woo - Only U (My Lovely Girls OST)

17. SHINee - Stand By Me (Boys Over Flowers OST)

16. Jo Hyunah - Living is Not Living (Hundred Year Inheritance OST)

15. CNBlue Yonghwa - Because I Miss You (You've Fallen for Me OST)

14. CNBlue Yonghwa - You've Fallen for Me (You've Fallen for Me OST)

13. Park Shin Hye - The Day We Fall In Love (You've Fallen for Me OST)

12. Miss A Suzy - Winter Child (Dream High OST)

11. CNBlue Jonghyun - My Love (A Gentleman's Dignity OST)

10. Infinite L & Kim Yerim - Love You, Like You (Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST)

9. SNSD Tiffany - Because It's You (Love Rain OST)

8. f(x) Krystal - All Of A Sudden (My Lovely Girl OST)

7. Seo In Guk & A Pink Eunji - Our Love Like This (Reply 1997 OST)

6. SS501 - Because I'm Stupid (Boys Over Flower OST)

5. FT Island Hongki - Words I Couldn't Say Yet (Bride of the Century OST)

4. EXO Chen - The Greatest Luck (It's Okay, It's Love OST)

3. SNSD - Forever (Pasta OST)

2. SNSD Taeyeon - I Love You (Athena: Goddess of War OST)

1. SNSD Taeyeon - Missing You Like Crazy (The King 2 Heart OST)

There are my top 20 OST songs, tell me some of your favorite, again there are so many and to pick only 20 is a super hard choice. 

Thank you.:) 

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