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[Drama Review] Melody of Love

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This drama centers around three families whose members learn to appreciate each other, realize the true meaning of family, regret their misbehavior, and repent the hurt they've caused after hardships and trials in the world in a 151 episodes long drama starring Dasom of SISTAR, Baek Sung Hyun, Hwang Sun Hee, Kim Hyung Jun, and Kwak Hee Sung.


Gong Deul Im, an inspiring musical actress going to an audition at Eun Ha Soo Theatrical Center where Han Tae Kyung is the leader and director. While biking there, she got into an accident with Park Hyun Woo. Park Hyun Woo and Han Tae Kyung are friends along with Gong Soo Im. Gong Soo Im is Gong Deul Im's older sister and a lawyer. Park Hyun Woo is also a lawyer, whose original dream was a musical actor.

Gong Deul Im and Gong Soo Im 's parents run a laundry place within the neighborhood later change into a snack bar shop. Hyun Woo's father is a judge who adore Gong Soo Im.

Later, the truth is reveal that Deul Im is not Soo Im real sister, but a daughter of Soo Im's father friend, whom die in jail because of Sang Hyun's father. We also found out later that Hyun Woo is not real son of his father, Beom Jin. He was a sperm donor child whom we later found out to be Soo Im's father.

Deul Im and Soo Im's aunt is in a love relationship with Se Joon, Tae Kyung's uncle and Sung Hoon's teacher. But he doesn't know who she is at first until later. Their relationship was not acceptable to Tae Kyung's mother but at the end of the drama, it work out.

Tae Kyung and Soo Im later gets married and at the end of the drama, they were pregnant. At the end Hyun Woo left to study in the states and Deul Im becomes a musical actress playing a lead role in Tae Kyung's musical. Deul Im and Hyun Woo met again in the same situation they first met in the beginning. The show end with Deul Im and Hyun Woo playing lead roles in Tae Kyung's musical with all three families meeting and watching the show.


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Dasom | Baek Sung Hyun

Dasom played Gong Deul Im, a tenacious, outgoing and optimistic aspiring musical actress with undying passion to pursue her dreams despite going against her parent's wishes. She is the younger sister of Gong Soo Im and will develop a romantic relationship with Park Hyun Woo. Later, she find out the truth about her parents.

Baek Sung Hyun played Park Hyun Woo, a lawyer whose father is a judge. He best friend with Gong Soo Im and Han Tae Kyung. Yoon Sang Hyun is his cousin. He and Gong Soo Im would join together and create a firm, working together. Later, we find out who is his actually father.

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Hwang Sun Hee | Kim Hyung Jun

Hwang Sun Hee played Gong Soo Im, the older sister of Deul Im and best friend of Park Hyun Woo and Han Tae Kyung. She is also a lawyer and later would join Hyun Woo and create their own firm. Soo Im have a crush on Hyun Woo through the drama but married Tae Kyung later.

Kim Hyung Jun played Han Tae Kyung, a leader of a drama troupe and musical director, where Deul Im will join. He act as a perfectionist, but a gentle and thoughtful man outside of work. He is best friend with Gong Soo Im and Park Hyun Woo. He develops a crush on Soo Im and later married her.

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Kwak Hee Sung

Kwak Hee Sung played Yoon Sang Hyun, a sponsor and a business man. He sponsor Tae Kyung musical center. He develops a crush on Deul Im and he is the cousin of Hyun Woo. Later, after finding out who Deul Im parents were, we found out that Sang Hyun's father was involved in the truth of Deul Im's parents.

Supporting Cast:

Hyun Woo's Family:

Sunwoo Jae Duk played as Park Beom Jin, Hyun Woo's father and a judge

Kim Hye Sun played as Yoon Ji Young, Hyun Woo's mother

Park Woong played as Park Doo Shik, Hyun Woo's grandpa and at the end, we found out that he knows Soo Im and Deul Im's grandma

Soo Im and Deul Im's Family:

Lee Jung Gil played as Gong Jung Nam, Soo Im and Deul Im's father and later found out as the birth donor of Hyun Woo

Kim Hye Ok played as Yoo Jin Soon, Soo Im and Deul Im's mother 

Ban Hyo Jung played as Jo Gwi Boon, Soo Im and Deul's Im grandma, later at the end, we found out that she knows Hyun Woo's grandpa

Jung Shi Ah played as Gong Jung Ja, Soo Im and Deul Im's aunt, who come back and live with them after divorcing her husband with her two children; later she married her son, Sung Hoon, homeroom teacher whom is Tae Kyung's uncle

Kim Ji Hoon played as Kim Sung Hoon, son of Gong Jung Ja

Shin Bi played as Noh Jin Yi, daughter of Gong Jung Ja

Tae Kyung's Family:

Jung Seung Ho played as Han Joo Ho, Tae Kyung's father 

Kim Ye Ryeong played as Goo Mi Ok, Tae Kyung's mother 

Lee Joo Hyun played as Goo Se Joon, Tae Kyung's uncle and Sung Hoon's homeroom teacher, whom later fell in love with his mother, Gong Jung Ja

Jung Da Bin played as Han Tae Hee, Tae Kyung's sister and classmate of Sung Hoon

Eun Ha Soo Theatrical Troupe:

Han Min Chae played as Geum Na Ri

Lee Eun Ha played as Go Eun Ha

Kim Tae Hyung played as Go Min

Jung Yi Yeon played as Yeo In Sook

Heo Bo Bae played as Bo Bae

Kim Hyun Min played as Hyun

More Supporting Cast:

Jo Sun Min played as Lee Ha Hye, class mate of Sung Hoon and Tae Hee, daughter of Maijoori

Sunshine played as Maijoori, mother of Ha Hye


The drama is super long and the story goes on and on forever, but the story line it okay only. I feel like it just problem after problem and the ending it just okay, not the best either. It been a while since I last seen this drama but I honestly, don't remember anything big about this drama. There is some cute and funny scenes that stood out but it was an okay drama only.

Rate: 6/10

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