Tuesday, February 16, 2016

[MV Review] AOA Cream - I'm Jelly Baby

I haven't done a MV review in a long time so bared with me.

AOA Cream - I'm Jelly Baby


Okay, the MV starts with a text message and then we see the guy cheating. Oh Sailor Moon:) The MV is very bright and lots of color. The concepts is very different from the AOA itself. All of them look so pretty. Can I get the big teddy bear please!? Do they have glitter on their eyebrows? Chanmi kick him and he doesn't feel it at all. I mean I could feel it here. Oh when they comes back to life, it such a late reaction to the kick. Chanmi face when she sitting in the car. Oh inner thigh rub?? Oh let also talk about Hyejeong hair. I'm in love with it, the blonde and pink combination. Yuna looks a lot better with blonde/light hair than dark hair.

Overall the song is actually a really good song. The dance seems easy to learn just by looking at the music video. Chanmi is a rapper therefore I feel like she didn't get a lot of lines compare to Yuna and Hyejeong, but let talk about Chanmi rap too. I didn't like the rap that much, I think this type of rap match Jimin a little bit better.

Rate: 9/10

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