Monday, February 1, 2016

LTA KPOP EP 96: Top 15 KPOP Leaders (Mid-2015 Girls Edition)

Some of my favorite members are actually leaders of their groups. Therefore, today episodes is about leaders and so will the next episode too. In today episodes, I am going to tell you about my top 15 KPOP female leaders and next episodes is the male edition. But I am going to mention some of the special honor mentions first today instead of mentioning them at the end. 

Special Honor Mentions: 

KARA Gyuri* | SPICA Boa

(Search under Google, provided by and omonatheydidn'

 Ladies' Code Ashley* | GFRIEND Sowon

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Brown Eyed Girls Jea | Nine Muses Hyuna*

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TARA Qri* | SISTAR Hyorin

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Now let get started with the official list. 

At number 15 and 14 is....

15. Rainbow Jaekyung | 14. Girl's Day Sojin

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13. AOA Jimin | 12. CLC Seunghee

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11. EXID Solji* | 10. After School Jungah*

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9. 4Minute Jihyun | 8. 2NE1 CL

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7. Secret Hyosung | 6. Lovelyz Baby Soul

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5. f(x) Victoria | 4. Wonder Girls Sun Ye*

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3. Red Velvet Irene | 2. APink Chorong

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And lastly, I'm pretty sure everyone can guess it. First place goes toooooo.......

1. SNSD Taeyeon

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These are my favortie KPOP female leaders. The next episode is the male edition. Look forward to it. And the next two after that, we are talking about the youngest member, maknae. HINT^^. 

Notes: KARA disband in January of 2016 but this list is based in my thoughts in 2015. After the tragic in 2014, Ladies' Code three survived members have not been active. Hyuna is not the official leader of Nine Muses when they debut, but was added into the group later in the years and as the oldest member of the group currently she is the leader of Nine Muses. TARA goes through a change of leader for each promotion, but Qri has been the leader since 2014. Jungah is one of the original member of After School but didn't debut as the leader. As the members were added and members graduated/left, she took over the leader position. Recently, Jungah officially graduated from After School in 2016 and there no official leader at the moment. EXID debuted as a six member group not with Solji as their leader. She was later added to the group when three of the other members left. The leader was LE for the time, but later change to Solji. Sun Ye have been on hiatus since her marriage, but officially left Wonder Girls before their I Feel You comeback in August 2015, after this list was already formed.  

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