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LTA KPOP EP 102: Produce 101 (Ep 1 to 3)

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Starting from episode 1, at the beginning and meeting the girls to episode 3, the very first elimination I am going to tell you who I thought was going home and who were my favorite at the beginning and as the episodes came along. 

Episode 1

The contestants enter the studio where 101 seats were arranged in a pyramid. Chair number 12 to 101 were plastic and chairs 1-11 where soft comfy sofa chairs, placing chair # 1 at the top. The contestants were introduced by their label coming in and decided where they wanted to be seated. After the arrival of the trainees enter Jang Keun Suk introducing himself and his crew of trainers including After School former leader and soloist Kahi, Brown Eyed Girls vocalist Jea, vocal trainer Km Sung Eun, choreographer Bae Yoon Jung and rapper Cheetah. The contestants are asked to perform by agency. After their performance each individual trainee is judged based on their overall talents grading them from A, being the highest and F the lowest. The members from each grade will be placed in temporary groups for training. The first episode ends with half of the contestants performances. At the end of the broadcast, the popularity ranking is shown with JYP Entertainment's Somi in first place. 

Here is some performances from episode 1. 

Pledis → Bang! (By After School) | JYP's Somi → Lips Are Moving

Starship → I Swear (by SISTAR) | Jellyfish → Something New

MBK → Bad Girl Good Girl (by Miss A) | DSP → Mister (by KARA) vs. Cube → Crazy (4Minute)

Top 11 Girls 
This list is my own opinion and are from first impression form the first episode only.

1. JYP Jeon Somi | 2. DSP Yoon Chaekyoung | 3. DSP Cho Shiyoon | 4. Duble Kick Heo Chanmi

 5. Pledis Park Siyeon | 6. Majesty An Yeseul | 7. Pledis Im Nayoung | 8. Starship Yu Yeunjung

9. Starship Kim Taeha | 10. MBK Dani | 11. Music K Kim Juna

Episode 2

The second episode continues with the contestants performances. After the trainees were graded and group according to the grades given, Jang Keun Suk announced that they will be performing on M!Countdown with the song 'Pick Me' in which they must learn in the following days. Their line distribution and overall participation in the performance will be decided from their groups after the re-evaluation where Group A would have the most number of lines and Group F would be backup dancers. They were informed they will have three days to practice and then reassigned to their final groups after a re-evaluation. Individually, the trainees were filmed performing the song which would be watched and evaluated by the mentors / trainers. At the end, the girls were given their new grades and asked to move to their new rooms. The episodes ends with JYP Entertainment's Somi 's name tag who was in Group A being moved to another group.

Here is some performances from episode 2.

Fantagio → Glass Bead (by GFRIEND) | M & H → 24 Hours (by Wonder Girls Sunmi)

Produce 101 - Pick Me  (Live Countdown M!)

Top 11 Girls 
This list is my own opinion and my own impression form the first and second episode only.

1. JYP Jeon Somi | 2. DSP Yoon Chaekyoung | 3. DSP Cho Shiyoon | 4. Duble Kick Heo Chanmi

 5. Pledis Park Siyeon | 6. Majesty An Yeseul | 7. Jellyfish Kim Sejeong | 8. Starship Yu Yeunjung

9. MBK Dani | 10. Pledis Im Nayoung | 11. Fantagio Choi Yoojung

Episode 3

The girls move to their new groups after the re-evaluations. They start rehearsing for 'Pick Me' stage where Fantagio's Choi Yoo Jung, who was moved from Group D to A, was chosen as the center. After the performance, Jang Keun Suk announced the departure of 3 trainees from the show and announced that last 37 contestants on the ranking will be eliminated. The trainees start their second mission, which would be group performances with live audience. They are given the debut songs of ten girl groups: Wonder Girls 'Irony', KARA 'Break It', Girls' Generation 'Into The New World', After School  'Ah', 2NE1' Fire ', 4Minute 'Hot Issue', f (x) 'La Cha Ta', SISTAR 'Push Push', Miss A 'Bad Girl Good Girl' and APink 'I Don't Know'. The girls in Group A compete for each song individually through a race and given the privilege of picking members from each group to form their teams of 4 to 5 members. Each song is performed live by two groups and each member is voted separately by the live audience, combining the total scores to declare the winner of the 2 groups. This episode shows the groups rehearsing and assigning roles such as center, main vocal, second vocal. Their points from the live voting will be combined with their online votes to determine their scores with the members of the winning group gaining an extra 1000 points each. The live performance stage starts with APink, SISTAR and 2NE1 performances ending with one of Girls' Generation group performance.

The 3 trainees that left the show was:
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Astory Yim Kyung Ha | CMG Chorok Stars Lim Hyo Sun | 101 Doors Kim Ha Yun 

Here is some performances from episode 3. Each song was performed twice by two different group going against each other. 'Into The New World' Group 1 perform first at the end of the episode 3 and the second group will perform in episode 4.

Group 1 → Into The New World (by Girls' Generation) | Group 2 → I Don't Know (by APink)

Top 11 Girls 
This list is my own opinion and my own impression form the episode 1-3 only.

1. JYP Jeon Somi | 2. Jellyfish Kim Sejeong | 3. Starship Yu Yeunjung | 4. DSP Yoon Chaekyoung

 5. Duble Kick Heo Chanmi | 6. DSP Cho Shiyoon | 7. Pledis Park Siyeon | 8. Majesty An Yeseul

9. MBK Dani | 10. Pledis Im Nayoung | 11. MBK Jung Chaeyeon

The next few episodes will be up soon. Thanks. 

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