Monday, March 7, 2016

[MV Review] Cosmic Girls - MoMoMo

For today, I am reviewing Cosmic Girl 'MoMoMo'. I been waiting to do a review for this MV and song so I been waiting out on this group. Now let just get started. 

It starts off with a invitation that said welcome house. Do they mean welcome home? There is a little door. There is so many girls. They all look so pretty too. There so many stuff dolls. I kind of want to live there too. That astronaut seems like a playboy. I love the sunflower scene. Oh, I see that he is in space, and the girls live in space. It so cute to see them all hide under the dolls and sunflowers. 

I think the song is quite addicting and I definitely will listen to it again. It so hilarious, Lee Kwang Soo shows up at the end and he is so shock by the girls. Clumsy Lee Kwang Soo and he crazy dance moves that he shows off all the time too. 

I'm going to watch the dance practice to this song too. 

Again so many girls but the dance looks very nice with all of the girls. This is like watching Super Junior dance practice with 13+ members. The dance it self looks simple to really just watch and copy. 

I do like the song and dance. It simple and addicting too. 

Rate: 9/10

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