Wednesday, March 2, 2016

[MV Review] Jimin of AOA ft. Xiumin of EXO - Call You Bae

Today Music Video Review is on AOA Jimin ft. EXO Xiumin - Call You Bae.

I saw a preview of it earlier and couldn't wait to listen to it so we are going to start. 

Let start off with the fact that AOA Cream 'I'm Jelly Baby' is playing right at the beginning when the music video starts. (P.S. Go listen to the song.) And of course Xiumin appear right off the back with Jimin. Jimin is rapping and singing and the voice of Xiumin is so soothing. Jimin looks really pretty in this music video. She just pull out a chicken. WTH, okay. 

Xiumin is heading back to her house. And people with emotions appear throughout the music video with different emotions too. I don't mind if they both appear on We Got Married together. There is nothing that I dislike at all, but I actually really like this song a lot and plus the music video is so bright and it kept me smiling through the whole entire thing. 

I really like the song a lot, because Jimin is actually singing, although she raps most of the times in other AOA songs, it great to hear her sing. Plus we can't forget about Xiumin's voice too. 

Rate: 10/10

P.S. Once I find the music video through the blogspot options I will update it and change it. Thanks. 

Credit: I don't own the video nor the song at all. 

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