Saturday, March 26, 2016

[SOTW & MV Review] CLC - High Heels

This week song is....

CLC - High Heels

The original music video with Kwon Eunbean is release too and I might as well do a MV review for this version since I already done a review for the short version. 

It starts withthe girls just have fun, jumping around. The song starts with Eunbean follow by Yeeun. The music video is very bright and colorful just like the short version. But this version includes a storyline along with cuts of Eunbean while the short version just include individual shots only. It actually a lot of nicer to see the orginal version of the dance and the individual singing parts. Kwon Eunbean looks very pretty in this music video along with the other members. The sets of the music video is a set that we seen before too. The music video finish with the girls getting a recpiet of all the gifts that got. 


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