Sunday, May 27, 2012

[Drama Review] Fashion King

Fashion King, from beginning to ending was not really a drama I would re-watch over and over again. At some point I did think what is the main reason of this movie at all. I love the movie scenes that they have in New York. The scenes was really beautiful and nice but the drama itself was not that great at all. I love the actors and actresses a lot but not such a great story line itself. To tell the truth I started to watch this movie because of SNSD Yuri is in it, over all there was something that I didn't like about each of there characters at all. I love all of the fashion(clothes, jewelry etc.) in it. There was a lot of the time where I go WTF are they wearing in the movie scenes. I don't like the ending at all. The ending over all is probably the baddest and worst ending of all movies I have watch:). I am sorry:)

Rate: 5/10

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