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[Profile' 12] SNSD Sooyoung

Choi Soo-young (born February 10, 1990) is a South Korean idol singer, actress, dancer, spokesmodel, TV presenter, and RJ. She is the lead rapper and lead dancer of the girl group Girls' Generation. Soo-young also speaks fluent Japanese as well as little English.  Sooyoung is the only Asian girl appearing in Complex's Hottest '90s Babies.
Sooyoung was born in Seoul, South Korea on February 10, 1990. She has an older sister, Choi Soo Jin, who is a musical actress. Her father, Choi Jungnam, who is an architect as well as a manager of a contracting company. Her mother, Moon Soohee, is a housewife, but she has taught opera classes.
She was discovered on SM Casting System via the 2000 SM Open Audition. She then auditioned for the 2002 Korea-Japan Ultra Idol Duo Audition and won first place, marking her debut into the Japanese music scene with the band Route θ.
After winning first place in the 2002 Korea-Japan Ultra Idol Duo, Sooyoung was sent to Japan and debuted as a member of the duo Route θ, alongside Marina Takahashi. The band released three singles: "Waku! Waku! It's Love", "Start", and "Painting", and 3 B-Sides : Go Go Happy!!, Kimi Ni Ae Ta Kara  and Onna No Ko Magic . The group was later disbanded in 2003.
Sooyoung graduated from JeongShin Women High School in 2009 and is currently majoring in performing arts and theater at Chung-Ang University with fellow member Yuri and Seungri of Big Bang. She is a member of a choir in JeongShin Women High School in her school days.
She is the third youngest member in the girl group Girl's Generation.
After winning first place in the 2002 Korea-Japan Ultra Idol Duo, Sooyoung was sent to Japan and debuted as a member of the duo Route θ, alongside Marina Takahashi. The band released three singles: "Waku! Waku! It's Love","Start", and "Painting", and 3 B-Sides : Go Go Happy!!, Kimi Ni Ae Ta Kara) and Onna No Ko Magic . The group was later disbanded in 2003. 
In 2005, she made a song titled "I Am" for the Korean version of an anime titled Inuyasha.
In 2008, Sooyoung and Yuri sang the trot song "Kkok"  for the opening theme of the SBS TV miniseries Working Mom. She was also featured in "Oh! My Love to You" by The Blue (Kim Min-jong and Son Ji-chang), alongside bandmate Tiffany. She also made a cover of a song titled "Everlasting" that is originally sung by BoA.
In 2010, she sang a cover titled "I Promise" in a radio show alongside bandmate Jessica that is originally sang by Stacie Orrico. She also made a cover entitled "Story I Want to Tell" on a radio show. She again made a cover entitled "Butterfly".
In various shows, she made a cover like Britney Spears' "Womanizer" alongside bandmates Taeyeon,Seohyun, and Tiffany and Spice Girls' "Wannabe" with Sunny, Tiffany, Seohyun, and Jessica. She also made a cover titled "If You Seek Amy" that she performed on their 1st Asia Tour in Shanghai. She made a cover with Pussycat Dolls' "Sway" on their 1st Asia Tour on Singapore.
Sooyoung played a part in the 2007 KBS 2TV sitcom Unstoppable Marriage , alongside Yuri. She co-starred with Lee Yeon-hee and Kangin on the romantic comedy film Hello, Schoolgirl; SBS TV miniseries Oh My Lady! starring Choi Siwon and Chae Rim with two bandmates, Jessica and Hyoyeon. She also made a cameo on SBS miniseries Paradise Ranch starring her labelmates Changmin and Lee Yeon-hee.
Sooyoung was in talks to be cast in the drama "Speed", about the world of competitive race car driving. She was being considered for the role of 'Seo Ji Won', an orthopedist and team doctor of racing team ‘CKins’, the role was described as "with her tall height and lovely face, her character is much beloved and respected. Though she’s a cheerful person, her character also carries deep scars from losing her parents in a car accident when she was younger".
On February 15, 2012, it was announced that Sooyoung would not be taking part in Speed due to scheduling differences with Girls' Generation's activities and problems with the drama itself.
On March 20, 2012, she was cast on a medical drama titled "The Third Hospital" as violinist "Eu Jin", who will be appearing as part of the "love square", along with actors Kim Seung-Woo, Oh Ji Ho, and Kim Min Jung.
Prior to her debut as a member of Girls' Generation, she was a VJ of the 2005 Hello Chat, alongside Super Junior's Kangin. Also she worked as a radio DJ with Super Junior's Sungmin on DMB ChunBangJiChuk Radio  from July 2007 to January 2008. From May to November 2009, she was a presenter for MBC TV children's game show Fantastic Duo along with Oh Sang-jin, and Kim Je-dong.
On August 20, 2011 she was a MC for K-Pop All Star Live in Niigata together with Yuri & Tiffany. She was also a MC in M! Countdown in 2011, following their win on "The Boys". 
On May 30, 2012 , it was announced that Sooyoung will be the new MC in SBS Midnight TV Entertainment with Yoon Dohyun. They revealed the reasons why Sooyoung chosen to be MC , “Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation has an excellent look which appeals to the public, is able to sing well, and is also good at narration. Sooyoung’s overflowing energy and charms will give a boost to ‘Midnight TV Entertainment. ”
Prior to her debut as a member of Girls' Generation, Sooyoung modeled with Route 0 bandmate Takahashi for Chubbygang Clothing Line on 2003. Sooyoung is the tallest and one of the thinnest members of the group. She was also an endorser for a school uniform model in 2004 along with Jang Geun-suk. Shortly after her return from Japan, she appeared in a TV ad for Samsung AnyCall with Park Jeong-Ah in 2004. Sooyoung with bandmate Yoona, modeled for the 2008-09 F/W SFAA Seoul Collection: Lee Joo-Young Fashion Show at Seoul Hakyohul Exhibition Hall on March 20, 2008. She had a photoshoot, with Seohyun and Yuri, for QTV's photographer audition survival-themed show Photographer. The photoshoot, entitled "Dreaming Water", is a joint campaign by Cosmopolitan magazine and UNICEF to promote the preservation of water for a clean environment. On March 29, 2010, Sooyoung, along with Taeyeon, Yuri, Yoona, and Seohyun, was hired by Nintendo Korea as campaign models for the portable game console, Nintendo DSi.
Sooyoung is the only Asian girl appearing in Complex's Hottest '90s Babies.
She debuted as a lyricist with the song "How Great Is Your Love", from Girls' Generation's Korean third album, The Boys.
On the way to participate in a charity event on Sunday, August 28, 2011, Sooyoung and her sister were involved in a car crash. The crash was due to another motorist's driving, leaving Sooyoung hospitalized with a fractured coccyx. Due to this, she was unable to participate in 'SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION' and Girls' Generation's concert in Taiwan. During this time, she made a video (in English and Korean), thanking her fans for their concern and assuring them she was doing her best to recover. On September 27, 2011, Sooyoung rejoined Girls' Generations in their activities.

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