Thursday, May 31, 2012

[News] Tara New Member Dani

Tara unveiled the first of their two members: Dani!

Tara's ninth member Dani is 14 years old and has been growing up in the United States since she was four. She is 167cm and slender and looks like the actress Olivia Hussey and Girls' Generation's Yuri.

Despite her charms of looking like a young girl, she has a strong charisma and variety of skills that are attractive.

When Tara's new album is released on July 7th, Tara will be joined by an 8th member first for their schedules. In December, Dani, the 9th member, will join. Before then, she will meet fans by acting in Tara's new song's music video.

Dani will join Tara in December. The reason she is not joining her older sisters now is because she wants to practice more to make sure she's perfected all around before debuting or else she felt like she'd harm the group.

Tara's 8th member has not been revealed yet, but she is known to be a 19 year old girl with both the looks and skills and boasts a height of 168cm. Tara's 8th member will be revealed at a later date.

Tara are working with popular choreography Jonte Moaning who has choreographed for world stars like Beyonce in the past. He introduced Tara's new album comeback through a teaser trailer online.

Meanwhile, Tara are preparing for a Thailand concert and Japanese tour in June and their fanclub inauguration on July 14th. 

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I personally think that Tara is like After School now. What I mean is the adding people in and so forth. I don't really mind that at all but also someone who is half the age of Boram too. I wonder how the group would really be like too. Thinking about it right now, most of the songs, not all the members sing at all and they are adding more members in meaning that there some songs that the members won't even be able to sing unless it is the chorus only. And also becoming a nine member group. When you think of nine members you think of Girls' Generation (SNSD) and now that there Tara, who is going to have 9 members, After School, who just add a new member, and YG Entertainment new girl group too, that number is not that special thinking about it but I still have to say SNSD will always be the one with the number nine for me. I mean Tara would be good as how they are right now with seven members because of all the popularity they have. But I have to say it to early to say anything about adding members to this group. 


  1. I have not yet seen Dani perform at all in the uploaded vids, but as far as I know, the other new member definitely does not have the looks. The group was already good as it is.

    1. Dani will be joining the group activities in the fall, but I do have to agree that the new member Ahreum doesn't have the looks too.