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[Drama Review] Golden Rainbow

Adopted and raised by the same father, seven orphans grew up together as a family in a town near the ocean. With the bond between them even stronger than blood-related siblings, they experience hardships together and struggle to succeed in the marine products industry as they find the truth and story behind their father and a child name Jang Ha Bin. 


In this heartwarming tale, seven orphans discover they're not alone, so long as they've got each other. Headed by the plunky Baek Won, the second eldest sister and eldest son Man Won, this scrappy group of orphans form a bond stronger than those of even the closest blood kin. Tying this family unit together is their adoptive father, Han Joo, whose work at the Maritime Institute provides no shortage of unique challenges for the entire family.



Uee | Jung Il Woo

Uee plays as Kim Baek Won/Jang Habin, the third child (second eldest sister) of the seven adoptive children.

Jung Il Woo plays as Seo Do Young, the son of Seo Jin Ki.


Cha Yeryun | Lee Jaeyoon

Cha Yeryun plays as Kim Chun Won/ Yoon Habin, the second child and eldest sister of the seven adoptive children.

Lee Jae Yoon plays as Kim Man Won, the eldest child and son of the seven adoptive children.


Kim Sang Joong | Do Ji Won

Kim Sang Joon plays as Kim Han Joo, the father of the adoptive seven children.

Do Ji Won plays as Yoon Young Hye, the mother of Jung Habin.


Jo Min Ki | Ahn Nae Sang

Jo Min Ki plays as Seo Jin Ki, the father of Seo Do Young.

Ahn Nae Sang plays as Chun Eok Jo, best friend and brother to Kim Han Joo.


Kim Yoo Jung | Lee Chae Mi

Kim Yoo Jung plays as the teen  Baek Won.

Lee Chae Mi plays as the child  Baek Won/Jung Habin.


Oh Jae Moo | Song Yoo Jung

Oh Jae Moo plays as the teen  Seo Do Young.

Song Yoo Jung plays as the teen  Kim Chun Won.


Seo Young Joo | Jeon Joon Hyuk

Seo Young Joo plays as the teen  Man Won.

Jeon Joon Hyuk plays as the child  Man Won.

Supporting Cast:

Kim Han Joo's Family

Choi Soo Im as Kim Shib Won, the fourth child.

Ahn Seo Hyun plays as the young Shib Won.

Lee Ji Hoon plays as Kim Yeol Won, the fifth child.

Jung Yun Seok plays as the young Yeol Won.

Kim Tae Joon plays as Kim Il Won, the sixth child, who die in the drama as a child.

Park Seon Ho plays as Kim Young Won, later named Michinski Forever, the last and seventh child.

Choi Ro Woon plays as young Young Won.

Seo Jin Ki's Family

Park Won Sook plays as Kang Jung Shim, the grandmother of Habin and mother-in-law of Yoon Young Hye and Seo Jin Ki.

Ji Soo Won plays as Jang Mi Rim, wife of Seo Jin Ki and step-mother to Seo Do Young.

Jae Shin plays as Seo Tae Young, step-brother to Seo Do Young.

Lee Seung Ho plays as the teen Tae Young.

Chun Eok Jo's Family

Kim Hye Seun plays as Yang Seryun, the wife of Chun Eok Jo.

Ryu Dam plays Chu Soo Pyo.

Kim Dong Hyun plays as teen Soo Pyo.

Extended Cast:

Lee Won Pal plays as Park Woong.

Lee Hee Jin plays as Park Hwa Ran.

Lee Dae Yeon plays as Kim Jae Soo.

Seo Hyun Chul plays as Kang Dong Pal.

Kim Dae Ryung plays as Choi Kang Do.

Park Chung Seon plays as class president.

Ji Young Woo plays as hotelier.

Lee Seung Won plays as homeroom teacher.

Park Woo Chun plays as Jung Jae Hong.

Yoo Ara plays as Young Won's secretary.

Kang Hyun Jung plays as female investigator.

Kim Ki Joon plays as Oh Kwang Hyuk.

Kang Ji Won plays as Oh Eun Ji.

Shim Ho Sung plays as an employee at the fish farm.

Kim Kwang In plays as chief prosecutor.


A total of 41 episodes, in which I didn't know at all about until I watch it basically. Honestly, watching this drama for Uee, but I fell in love with it the first few episodes and decided to stick around. It got better and more interesting but I have to stay at one point I'm thinking, this drama is way to long. The plot is great, but I wanted to point out that Baek Won IS Jung Habin, whom they were looking for every time it is question or they get so close to it. I wanted to (sigh) but of course this is a drama and it needed to be a drama, so they have many plots and things going on, but in my head it was use way to much, I wanted it to end. As they got older and they started finding Young Won, that was what I wanted more than the actual story line, I wanted to find out who is going to be Young Won and where did he went. Thank goodness, he came back healthy and handsome also helpfully to the sister whom raise him. It ended well. Not as how I wish it would of ended but, it was great.

Rate: 9.5/10

Would you rewatch this drama? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

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