Wednesday, June 17, 2015

[MV Review] EXO's Love Me Right

Here is the Korean version and the Chinese version is below too. 


Those beats and starting off with DO and Baekhyun voice too. Ohh, that sounds so good. Dang then Chanyeol next, the rap sounds good. Those football jersey look pretty nice. Oh, Lay voice sounds really good too. This is a song that help highlight Lay and Xiumin voice too. There so many scenes and I'm getting a headache with all those shots, but the songs very nice, and it my first time listening to this song. This song seems to compliment 'Call Me Baby'. 


Very similar to the Korean version, but with different shots of the idol singing their parts only. The rap part sounds better in this Chinese song better than the Korean song, for one reason Lay is rapping. JK, but Lay is rapping. Sehun is good too. Chen voice sounds amazing in this song, because his is the one of the main vocalist. 

Both of the MV are similar with just different shots of the members singing their parts. But they song sounds pretty good in both language. 

Rate: 10/10

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