Wednesday, June 17, 2015

[MV Review] SHINee's View

I actually been a little obsesses with this song since I first heard it and so I am doing a MV Review and or React (on blog) type of blog post. Instead of putting this MV as a LTA KPOP episode I'm thinking of putting MV review as just MV Review and not under an LTA KPOP episode. 

But let get started with the review. 

A mask!? Dang and Taemin voice in the beginning. Oh, they are being kidnapped by foreigners. LOL! Those scenes of them outside and enjoying their time seems so fun. And those dances moves are so simple and easy too. Kind of miss SHINee 's hard dance moves. Minho been hit with a glass. And they are in a club too. 

Here the dance edit version to their mv. 

Okay, first I am so glad they came back with such a great song after so long. I feel like dying here waiting for them. Secondly, I'm in love with Onew's voice. I was and still am and I been dying to hear his voice since his surgery. Thank goodness it still sound as good as before. Third but not lastly, it just great to see them together. 

Rate:  10/10

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