Monday, June 1, 2015

LTA KPOP EP 77: Oh No! Former Trainees from other Companies

There is ton and ton of companies in the entertainment world, but some are more noticeable and some aren't, but even though there is some great artists out there. Here is a list of 10 former trainees of different companies. 

Block B B-Bomb (Former Trainee of Woollim)
SPICA BoA (Former Trainee of LEON)

Hello Venus Lime (Former Trainee of Medialine)

Wonder Girls Yoobin (Former Trainee of Good)

After School Uee (Former Trainee of Good)

U Kiss Kevin (Former Trainee of Xing)

BEAST Junhyung (Former Trainee of Xing)

Thunder (Former Trainee of LEON)

SPICA Jiwon (Former Trainee of Good and Core Contents Media/MBK)

Kara Youngji (Former Trainee of Core Contents Media/MBK)

There you have it, the last of the Oh No! Former Trainees, but there is more of the Oh No! series coming soon. Thank a lot. Next we have a fun little chat talk in the next episode. So if you want too, do a little research about the girl group 'Five Girls' and will talk next time. Thanks a ton. 

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