Wednesday, June 3, 2015

LTA KPOP EP 78: What If: Five Girls Existed?

What if… the group Five Girls never disband?

We’ll let start off that they didn’t disband more of the company financial troubles and they never officially debuted, they were in the stage of almost debuting in 2007. Five Girls consists of After School Uee, Wonder Girls Yoobin, SPICA Jiwon, solo artist G.NA, and Secret Hyosung. Let see how this comes to be then.

 If they were still a group, I think they would be a very successful groups like how they are now in their own groups. Each member with their own qualities, as of who they are right now, put together in a group. Let’s talk about one member at a time then. 

Let start off with the first member of the group to debut right after the group was disband. Yoobin join Wonder Girls right after the group disband in 2007 and former Wonder Girls member, now member of 4 Minute Hyuna left. I personally think Wonder Girls is who they are with Yoobin and I think if Yoobin never been in the group, the group would have not really be successfully. I honestly love Wonder Girls, but since Hyuna left, and Yoobin haven't taken her spot, who would be in the spot? You have tons of great choice, for example, Hyelim and Jia could of taken Hyuna spot. I don't know, or remember when Hyelim or Jia became a trainee but, it would be weird to see Jia in Wonder Girls instead of Miss A, since I think she match Miss A style more. 

The next member to debut was After School Uee. She join the group in 2009 as the sixth member of the group. After School without Uee, it seem so different. I mean not as in if she graduated from the group but as in she never debuted in the group. I think After School success came from Uee success when she join the group, but another member that would make After School survive would be Kahi, former leader of the group, or even Lizzy, third generation member added in 2010. 

The next member to debut is Hyosung in 2009 with the group Secret. Let think about how Secret would be without their leader Hyosung, now that is weird. I love all the members but without Secret, I don't think I would be okay with it at all. But I honestly think that Hyosung is who she is today because of all the experiences she went through before her debut after the disband of the group. 

Next is G.NA whom was their leader. I love G.NA, and it would of been great to see her as a leader of the group because she so clumsy and cute. But even as a solo artist she is successful too. 

Now, last but not least SPICA’s Jiwon. She was suppose to debut as a member of Tara in 2009 but didn't debut. She then debut with SPICA in 2012(?). I honestly think SPICA would do fine without Jiwon in the group. I think Jiwon would be the underrated member of the group if Five Girls existed. Even as of right now, I feel like she a underrated member of the group but she a great visual.  

But have anyone noticed that all these five wonderful ladies are successful now, in their own activities and it make me wonder if they were a group would they be successful like SNSD or Kara. Of course, things happen for in the past so that the present and future would be better for all these wonderful ladies. Although they all have their own success, I think it would be wonderful to see the members together and even release just one song would satisfied everyone. 

What are you thoughts?