Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April's Fools

Before the night ends, we all need to stop the April's Fools prank of getting married or pregnant because it is just so old now. But let's start the month with a great motivation of whatever you what to be motivated about. It could be watching more K-Drama this month, which we all know we do that throughout the year so accomplished that already but what about studying for tests and getting better grades since, well I am, a student. So I decide instead of writing blog post now, I am going to QUIT! Quit my job, quit school, quit blogging and move to South Korea and live there being a stalker following K-celebrities around.

Lol, got ya! APRILS' FOOL!!

First of all, education/school is the most important thing right now because education is a must. Secondly, I need a job, because income means more K-items like albums, posters, or a little cash to by me a meal. Third, no quitting on blogging because then new year resolution FAILED! LOL:) And lastly, forth, going to South Korea is a dream and part of my bucket list but I would never stalked my favorites K-celebrities because as a fan, I like them to have their own private life.

There you have it. APRILS' FOOL it going to end soon here in CA, but welcome APRIL and goodbye MARCH!!

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