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[Drama Review] Wild Chives and Soybean Soup: 12 Years Reunion

Wild Chives and Soybean Soup: 12 Years Reunion is a drama starring Lee Soyeon, Namgoong Min, Lee Tae In, Yoon Sohee, Lee Won Keun and Ryu Hyoyoung. 


In 2002, on the night of Korea's momentous World Cup win, high school sweethearts Jang Gook and Yoo Joon Soo sleep together and Jang Gook ends up pregnant. They are given permission to get marry by Joon Soo's father, but eventually split up and go their separate ways due to circumstances and the fierce opposition of their mothers. To move on, Jang Gook leaves Korea to live in the US and changes her name to Jang Dal Rae. Twelve years later, they reunite and get entangled in each other's lives again. 


Namgoong Min | Lee Soyeon

Lee Tae Im | Choi Sung Joon

Yoon Sohee | Lee Won Keun

Ryu Hyoyoung | Han Min 

Lee Soyeon plays as Jang Gook or Jang Dal Rea. Yoon Sohee plays as the younger version of Jang Gook. Gook is a high school senior at the start of the story/drama. She is a good student who has achieved the highest ranking in her classes. After losing her father in a tragic accident, she moves form Busan to Seoul with her mother and younger brother, Hoon. She meets and begins a relationship with her classmate Yoo Joon Soo.

Nam Goong Min plays as Yoo Joon Soo. Lee Won Keun plays the younger version of Yoo Joon Soo. Joon Woo is a high school senior at Daehun High School. He is handsome, friendly, and a good student. His father is the vice principal of the school. His family owns the building in which Jang Gook's family operates a dumpling restaurant. Over the course of twelve years, Joon Soo goes from the son of a prominent wealthy household to struggling as the eldest provider for a family that scrapes by from paycheck to paycheck. Prideful and temperamental, he seems tough on the outside but is vulnerable underneath it all. 

Lee Tae Im plays as Joo Da Hae. Ryu Hyoyoung plays the younger version of Joo Da Hae. Da Hae is an ace student who received the highest math score in all of Korea. She is humiliated when her father's adultery becomes public knowledge. Da He has been friends with Joon Soo since childhood, and is in love with him. When Joon Soo rejects Da Hae to date Gook, she is devastated.

 Choi Sung Joon plays Park Moo Chul. Han Min plays as the younger version of Park Moo Chul. Moo Chul is friends with Joon Soo, Da Hae, and Gook. 

Supporting Cast:

Jang Gook/Dal Rae's Family

Bae Jong Ok plays as Choi Go Soon, Gook's mother.

Oh Seung Yoon plays as Jang Hoon, Gook's brother. 

Ra Yoon Chan plays as the younger version of Jang Hoon.

Seo Woo Rim plays as Yeo Il Sook, Gook's grandmother.

Kim Young Ran plays as Yeo Sam Sook, Gook's grandmother sister.

Uhm Hyo Sup plays as Jang Gook's father. 

Yoo Joon Soo's Family

Park Hae Mi plays as Pyung Beom Sook, Joon Soo's mother.

Chun Ho Jin plays as Yoo Jung Han, Joon Soo's father.

Kim Shi Hoo plays as Yoo Joon Sung, Joon Soo's brother.

Cho Won Hong plays as the younger version of Yoo Joon Sung.

Danny Ahn plays as Yoo Soo Han, Joon Soo's uncle.

Jung Kyung Soon plays as Yoo Jung Sook, Joon Soo's aunt.

Joo Da Hae's Family

Ji Soo Won plays as Kim Young Hee, Da Hae's mother.

Lee Han Wi plays as Joo Chul Soo, Da Hae's father.

Nha Phuong plays as Ha Mi, the lady Da Hae's father was having an affair with. 

Choi Ro Woon plays as Joo Hong, child of Da Hae's father and Ha Mi. 

Extended Cast:

Jung Chan plays as Heo Se Min

Jung In Sun plays as Kang Ham Cho.

Lee Young Eun plays as the younger version of Kang Ham Cho.

Ah Young plays as Park Moo Hee, Moo Chul's younger sister. 

Lee Do Yeon plays as the younger version of Park Moo Hee. 

Chin Dong Mi plays as Yeo Ok.

Jung Kyu Soo plays as Mr. Kang. 


Although this drama have a lot of episode, I didn't mind it at all because it was enjoyable to watch. Honestly, I was bored in the beginning half as the younger version was playing the role until the present days where you get to see the connection between them in their work place. I didn't like Da Hae characters, I mean there is always going to be a character from a drama that we all are going to hate and I hated this character from the beginning. One couple that I really wanted to see more was Hoon and Ham Cho couple because they were just so cute together. Although they fight or brickers together all the time, I love them. Going back to the hating characters part, I hated their mothers. I hated Joon Soo's mother and Gook's mother, more honestly, Joon Soo's mother throughout the drama and Gook's mother the second half of the drama. There a lot of things that happen in the drama. It focuses on a lot of things like Da Hae's family to Danny's character, Soohan and of course Hoon and Ham Cho. 

Rate: 9.5/10

If you seen this drama, let me know your thoughts!?

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