Wednesday, April 1, 2015

LTA KPOP EP 56: Top 10 Wonder Girls Songs

Wonder Girls is an artist debuted under JYP Entertainment in the year of 2007. They enter the American market in 2009 with their hit song 'Nobody'. Up until the year of 2012, when leader and vocalist Sunye announced her marriage; the group went on hiatus in 2013 after the wedding. The group have gone through members line change up since debut. 4Minute's Hyuna was one of the original member of Wonder Girls before leaving in 2007 due to health problems replacing her with Yubin. JYP solo artist Sunmi left in the beginning of 2010 to focus on her academic career pulling in Hyelim. In the year of 2013, leader Sunye got married and became a mother in October of 2013; later in December of 2013, Sohee left the group to focus on an acting career. 

Here is my top 20 songs from Wonder Girls.

10. GNO (Girls Night Out)
9. So Hot

8. Like Money (ft. Akon)

7. 2 Different Tears

6. The DJ is Mine (ft. School Girls)

5. Girlfriend

4. Tell Me

3. Like This

2. Be My Baby

1. Nobody

Here you have it, my top 10 songs from Wonder Girls. Let me know which is your favorite songs from them. Thanks!:)

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