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[Drama Review] Detectives of Seonam Girls’ High School

Five students are members of a private investigator club at Seonam Girls High School. The five students face problems like private education, abortion, bullying, and suicide. They do their best to solve these problems. 

Ahn Chae Yool finds herself in a school she doesn't really like and on top of that, she is attacked and bitten by someone on her way to school. As she becomes curious about the case, which seems to have more victims, she gets acquainted with the school's amateur detective club and recruited by them. Together, the girls solve student-related cases of all kinds. Ha Yeon Joon is a mysterious teacher who is aware of the group and has a particular interest in helping them and Ahn Chae Yool from the sidelines. 

The drama's characters and stories focuses on troubles teenage women face in life and school. From teenage pregnancy to homosexuality, a topic for which the series even made global news, the creators do not shy away from covering a wide range of personal and group problems and making bold statements. Its presentation of the mysteries is fun to watch. The show has its plot holes and some mysteries are too easy to figure out. This problem extends to how deeply the cases are covered. 



Jin Ji Hee | Kang Minah


Lee Hyeri | Lee Minji


Stephanie Lee | Kim Min Joon

Jin Ji Hee plays as Ahn Chae Yool, a super smart transfer student who unwillingly joins the high school detective club.

Kang Minah plays as Yoon Mi Do, the leader of the detective club and have a crush on Ahn Chae Yool's brother. 

Lee Hyeri plays as Lee Ye Hee, a member of the detective club who wants to become an actress. 

Lee Minji plays as Kim Ha Jae, a member of the detective club who is an expert about computers. 

Stephanie Lee plays as Choi Sung Yoon, a member of the detective club who is very tall and enjoys baking. 

Kim Min Joon plays as Ha Yeon Joon, a wise teacher who may have a mysterious past. 

Supporting Cast: 

People around Ahn Chae Yool

Han Ye Joon plays as Ha Ra Ohn, Yeon Joon's nephew. 

Lee Seung Yeon plays as Oh Yoo Jin, Chae Yool's mother.

Jang Ki Young plays as Ahn Chae Joon, Chae Yool's older brother and the crush of Yoon Mi Do. 

Choi Deok Moon plays as Ahn Hong Min, Chae Yool's father. 


Jo Shi Yoon plays Oh Hae Ni, president of Class 1-3. 

Han Ji Ahn plays as Nam Hyo Joo, a school bully. 

Heyne plays as Hong Dani, a theater club senior member and Ye Hee's rival. 

Kyung Ji Eun plays as Seo Yi Na, a theater club senior and Dani's friend.

Jung Yeon Joo plays as Park Se Yoon, a senior student who want to help find her rabbit doll. 

Cheon Young Min plays as Jo Ah Ra, the daughter of the bakery owner. 

Kim So Hye plays as Han Soo Yeon, a lesbian couple with Park Eun Bin. 

Kang Seung Ah plays as Park Eun Bin, a lesbian couple with Han Soo Yeon. 

Lee Joo Woo plays as Choi Mi Rae, Ha Yeon Joon's past students. 

Choi Joo Ri plays as Shim Yoon Kyung. 


Hwang Seok Jeong plays as Lee Yeo Joo, the principal of Seonam Girls' High School.

Kim Sung Yoon plays as Jung Dong Soo, homeroom teacher of Class 1-3, also physical education teacher. 

Kim Hye Na plays as Shin Jang Mi, an English language teacher. 

Extended Cast

Lee Jung Hwang plays as Betting Man.

Lee Jae Kyun plays as Choi Chang Hyun, Se Yoon's ex- boyfriend.

Kim Byung Choon plays as Bakery owner and Ah Ra's father. 

Kim Jung Kyun plays as Mi Do's father.

Guillaume Patry plays as Chae Joon's friend. 

Kang Joo Hee plays as MC.

Hwang Shin Jung plays as Ra Ohn's stepmother.

Bae Young Joon plays as Ra Ohn's manager.

Baek Bong Ki plays as Kyung Jang Hyun, MU Entertainment caretaker.

Kim Young Sun plays as Go Mi Ja, Chang Hyun's mother.

Lee Byung Wook plays as Han In Soo, a doctor. 


I actually didn't think that I would like this drama at all, but I was so into it that I couldn't even wait for the next episode to come since they air once a week only. I mean it was so interesting and of course we all hate cliff hangers. There nothing I could say bad about this drama, but I wish it was longer and more focus on the relationship between Ahn Chae Yool and Ra Ohn, because I love the pairing, they are cute together. Anyone agree? 

Rate: 10/10

Your thoughts? Let me know below. 

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