Friday, January 15, 2016

LTA KPOP EP 91: Top 10 KPOP Duets (2015 Edition)

KPOP Duets are some of my favorite songs to listen to. There are so many, but in this LTA KPOP episodes I am going to list my top 10 favorite KPOP duets along with a bonus duet and some special honor mention too. 

Let start at number 10 shall we....

10. Jessica (SNSD) & SHINee Onew - One Year Later

9. SNSD Taeyeon & Kangta - 7989

8. APink Eunji & Seo In Suk - Our Love Like This (Reply 1997 OST)

7. GFriend Yuju & Loco - Spring Is Gone By Chance (The Girl Who See Smell OST)

6. Secret Jieun & Sleepy - Cool Nights

5. SISTAR Soyu & Junggigo - Some

4. Juniel & CNBlue Yonghwa - Fool

3. IU & Na Yoon Kwon - It's First Love

2. SNSD Taeyeon & SHINee Jonghyun (SM the Ballad) - Breath

1. APink Eunji & Seo In Guk - All For You (Reply 1997 OST)

Bonus Tracks: 

SNSD Taeyeon & Verbal Jint -

SNSD Taeyeon & Verbal Jint - If The World Was Perfect

Special Honor Mentions: 

After School Raina & San E - A Midsummer Night's Sweetness

15& Yerin & San E - Me and You

Baek Ji Young & 2PM Taecyeon - My Ear Candy 

Here are some of my favorites duet and what are some of yours. Let me know.
(Credits: All music video are found on and the broadcasting station and the uploaders.) 

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