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[SOTW] 2015 Hits Songs Release by JYP

On SONG OF THE WEEK, we are talking about the 2015 hits of JYP. 

Last week we talk about the 2015 hits of SM, so similar to last week, this week we are talking about JYP. Listening some of the songs release by JYP artists, I'm going to pick my favorites. 

When talking about JYP Entertainment, we can't talk about JYP himself, correct!?

JYP - Who's Your Mama?
Since I can't find the MV through blogspot, I leaving the live performance along with other performances link together in the video.

This is a really good song to dance too and listen too because of the fast beat but the dance move is also awesome too. 

JYP & JSY - I'm So Sexy

Since I can't find the live performance through blogspot, this is the rehearsal to the live concert of their performance. You can watch the full episodes for how the team were pair up, song was made, and the live performance too.

We can't talk about JYP Entertainment without mentioning this group. It been a while since they came out with a new song, or even appear on shows to talk about, but what even better is that they are back. Yes, I am talking about Wonder Girls. I miss them. It been so long, I feel like Wonder Girls aren't even a name become know anymore. Wonder Girls came back as a four member band group with former member Sunmi.

Wonder Girls - I Feel You

Wonder Girls is retro. Majority of their concepts is retro and therefore, this song was okay when I first heard it but I got addict to the song after a couple of time. First, it great to see Sunmi back as a Wonder Girls member. Secondly, it great to see Wonder Girls comeback. And third of all, a different concept then their usual and different from other girl group. Instead of coming back as a idol group with a dance song or a ballad song, they came back as a band (and a dance song too). 

Next up, we have 2PM with the song My House. Now this song, I feel in love with it as soon as I heard it because of Taecyeon rapping part, but of course the rest of the members singing part too. The lyrics is amazing with the music. 

2PM - My House

We also can't talk about JYP without talking about Miss A at all. After a year since their 2013 release, they came back in 2015 with a hit song again.

Miss A - Only You

Since I can't find the MV through blogspot, here is a live performance. The song is indeed good and the dance is pretty easy to learn too. This might not be the only song I would recommend for you listener out there because the album was great. In this album, I would also recommend Love Song and I Caught Ya.

Miss A - Love Song

Miss A - I Caught Ya

I Caught Ya was written by Suzy of Miss A in less than a day.

The next female artist that I am going to talk about is Baek Ah Yeon.

Baek Ah Yeon - Shouldn't Have

Although the MV is actually just a video with the lyrics to the song, the song itself is amazing. Being the first self composition song and featuring DAY6 Young K. This song was a hit for Baek Ah Yeon.

The next ladies we are talking about it 15&. Although they didn't make a comeback as a duo in the year of 2015, they both did debut as solo artists though.

Park Ji Min - Hopeless Love

There is a MV to this song and it lonely. The setting of the MV made this song even more sadder than it sounded. Plus the vocal of Park Ji Min was absolute prefect.

Baek Yerin - Across The Universe

I still haven't listen to this song yet, but that even better so I can do a first impression to the song right now. The song is actually great. One thing that always impress me about Baek Yerin is her vocal. The song and her vocal is perfection.

Next, the hottest boy band of JYP his year is GOT7. GOT7 been amazing in 2015 and I can't wait for their next activities in 2016 at all. They came out with Just Right and then with If You Do, then they finish off the year with a romantic song title Confession Song. 2015 have really been GOT7 year.

GOT7 - Just Right

GOT7 - If You Do

GOT7 - Confession Song

Although the next boy band haven't been promoting, they have appear on radio shows and receiving lots of love too. DAY6 is a band boy group who debut song is one of my favorite song of 2015. 

DAY6 - Congratulations 

There is really nothing much to say about this group, other than I want more of them JYP. 

Last but not least, the newest addition to the JYP Nation and we are talking about the rookie monster or beauties (we should say), TWICE! Twice receive lots of love before their debut through the survival show Sixteen. 

TWICE - Like Ooh Aah

This is just the dance version to the MV but it still an amazing song. Honestly, I didn't think I would like it so much at first but after the first time, it been on repeat and I have listen to the song over 200 times at least.

Another song I would recommend is Do It Again. They actually have three versions to this song. The first two versions came from the two group form during the survival show as Major vs. Minor. The third version is the official version with the 9 member.

TWICE - Do It Again

There you have it, the hits of JYP and we can't wait for more this year.

(Credits: All music video are found on and provided by JYP Entertainment and the broadcasting station and the uploaders.) 

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