Monday, January 4, 2016

[SOTW] 2015 Hits Songs Release By SM

Let start the new year with a bang, with the very first SONG OF THE WEEK this year. 

The next following week are going to be hits of 2015 for me from SM, JYP, YG, and other agencies. This week I'm bring you the hits of SM. 

Let start with some SNSD songs, because as a SONE<3, you have to repeat SNSD songs, back to back at least last year, correct? 

SNSD TTS - Dear Santa

There is a Korean version and an English version, but I prefer the Korean version more, even if the English one is more easily to remember sing along too. 

Although Christmas have past, it was a great song to listen to even if Christmas is over, but it is okay, because next year, it going to be on the listen too. 

Next up, something not holiday related but still SNSD related is the songs that SNSD release last year. We have the summer song, PARTY then comes LION HEART and YOU THINK, but also something wonderful was CATCH ME IF YOU CAN

Another SNSD related is the solo debut of SNSD Taeyeon. She finally is out with a solo album, that I still can't get my hands on somehow. But her album is amazing, and every single song in the album is a must listen to song. 


The music video is amazing and the best ever. I might even say, it the best music video SM have ever released. Although I is amazing, the other songs that I really like is STRESS and U R

Talking about Taeyeon, you might also know that she feature in f(x) Amber solo album debut song SHAKE THAT BRASS too. 

I wasn't so sure if I'm going to like this song at first, because I only listen it for Taeyeon. But I do love Amber too, at the end, I feel in love with this song, and it have be dancing crazy that it was on repeat for a couple of weeks nonstop too. Plus the amazing cameo appearances from Amber's friends and it was a cool music video too. 

Now let move on to f(x), because I started talking about Amber. Although Sulli left the group, it still an amazing group. They are still the same,

f(x) 4 Walls is okay, although it was weird at first after listening to it for a while, I did like the chorus part to the song. Honestly, it not on repeat but I do happen to go back to it once in a while. It a great song as a comeback for the 4 members, but I did wish for more. 

The next girl group of SM is Red Velvet. Now they have a great year. First adding their new maknae Yeri to the group for the comeback release of Ice Cream Cake. The song starts off creepy for sure, but the song was amazing. And then they came out with Dumb Dumb and it was even better. Red Velvet have an amazing year with the success of Ice Cream Cake and Dumb Dumb

The next female artist is BoA. Honestly, although she came out with an album (?) or songs this year, there was only one that I really like and I have on repeat for a while. That song was Who Are You. I'm looking forward to BoA next comeback or release song for 2016. 

Now the BOYS! Okay, I honestly haven't been keeping up with the boys of SM since the last 1 or 2 years but I do know that there is at least one song that I like from each of the boy group. 

From Super Junior, I really like Devil, it was a good song and catchy for sure. It was great to see them have some promotion before the other members left for military services. 

From SHINee, I happen to have only listen to View and it a great song. It reminded me of the early years from SHINee. 

From EXO, this year Love Me Right and Call Me Baby, was great. I actually don't know what happen to them after those release. But again, I haven't been catching up on them too. 

Now, I haven't been up to date with TVXQ at all last year, but I do know that both member are now in military services, so it going to be a while since we seen both of them. And when they do come back, I promise to be up to date with the member and groups too. 

(Credits: All music video are found on and provided by SM Entertainment) 

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