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[SOTW] 2015 Hits Songs Release by Other Agencies Part 2

This week I continued the second part of the 2015 hits songs release by other agencies from the big 3 companies. So we are just going to continue from last week starting right now. 

I'm going to start off with Woollim Entertainment the home of Infinite, Lovelyz and JOO, the newest addition to the family. All the group mates have had a great year in 2015 and I wish for more success in 2016 too.

First we see Infinite H, the sub group of Infinite with Hoya and Dongwoo with their comeback song 'Pretty', which I love so much in 2015. And then Infinite came back during the summer with 'Bad'. 

Infinite H - Pretty

Infinite - Bad
We also see Lovelyz comeback with 7 and then 8 members during 2015. Although Ji Soo, debuted late, it was great to see Lovelyz back as originally a 8 member group. And they ended off the year with another great song 'For You'.

Lovelyz - Hi~

Lovelyz - Ah Choo

Lovelyz - For You

The newest addition to the Woollim Family is JOO, who debuted under JYP Entertainment and went on hiatus until her contract with JYP was over. It great to see JOO comeback, because I really miss her. 

JOO - Cry & Blow

The next agency is another home of great artists too. I'm talking about Cube, home of 4Minute, BEAST, BTOB, and the newest family member is CLC. 

4Minute have a great start with 'Crazy' and it went crazy the whole entire year. 

4Minute - Crazy

Next is BEAST, who came back with 'YeY'. Honestly, this is the first time I heard this song. It been a while with BEAST. 


Now, BTOB have a couple of great dance songs since debut, but in 2015, they came out with great ballad songs. Although it was different, it was a great change. 

BTOB - It's Okay

Now, the newly debut group from Cube is CLC, or Crystal Clear. They made a great debut with 'PePe' and came back with 'Like'. Another song I would recommend is 'Eighteen'

CLC - PePe

CLC - Like

CLC - Eighteen

The next agency is actually a sub agency under Cube. I'm talking about A Cube, home of Apink and Huh Gak. Although Huh Gak did make some come back this year, I haven't heard any of his songs. But APink did come back with 'Remember'. Another great song to add to the list.

APink - Remember

Next by the sea is a jellyfish. Jellyfish Entertainment is the home of Sung Si Kyung, Seo In Guk and idol group VIXX. Although Sung Si Kyung and Seo In Guk didn't have a come back in 2015, VIXX was did a wonderful job in 2015 as a whole group and a sub unit group as VIXX LR. 

VIXX - Chain Up

VIXX LR - Beautiful Liar

Next agency is Mystic89. The only artist with a come back in this company was Lim Kim. And both of the song was amazing. Plus I'm in love with her voice too. 

Lim Kim - Are You A Grown Up?

Lim Kim - Love Game

From Bit Hit, we have another very popular group in 2015 who did have a great year with comebacks. I'm talking about BTS. Their songs in 2015 are amazing and some of my favorites too. 

BTS - Run

BTS - I Need U

BTS - Dope

Next is the home of another girl group that I have fallen in love with in 2015; Rainbow Bridge World aka WA Entertainment, home of Mamamoo. 

Mamamoo - Um Oh Ah Yeh

Mamamoo ft. eSNa - Ahh Oop!

Next is another girl group who made it big in 2014 with 'Up & Down' and became hot icons in 2015. From Yedang Entertainment we have EXID. 

EXID - Ah Yeah

EXID - Hot Pink

Next is YNB, home of BESTie. Although they only made one comeback in 2015, I'm hoping to see more of them this year. 

BESTie - Excuse Me

The next company is Clear Company home of another girl group that I have really like in 2015, Playback. I first heard of them when the song 'I Wonder' came out because of Eric Nam, who was featuring in the song, but I came to really like their songs too. 

Playback - Playback

Playback ft. Eric Nam - I Wonder

Next agency is WM Entertainment, home of B1A4 and the rookie girl group, whom I also have really love in 2015, Oh My Girl.

B1A4 - Sweet Girl

Oh My Girl - Cupid

Oh My Girl - Closer

Next up is another great agency, DSP Media, the home of KARA, April, AJAX, and Rainbow. Although KARA have officially disband in 2016, going back to the past in 2015, KARA was still artists under DSP Media. 

KARA official last song as a group under the name of KARA is 'Cupid.' It honestly super sad to see them disband and go there own way, but they already have a great and awesome 9 years as KARA. Even though some members left and were added to the group. 

KARA - Cupid

Rainbow only made one comeback in 2015 and I'm still hoping to see them be more successful and have more come backs in 2016. Even though they only came back once in 2015, their song 'Black Swan' was one of my favorite song in 2015. 

Rainbow - Black Swan

The newest girl group from DSP Media is April. Although their original leader left the group in months of debut, the group is still making strong comebacks too. 

April - Dream Candy

April - Muah

April - Snow Man 

Next is a girl group that we haven't heard or seen in a while. They are from Polaris. These awesome and strong ladies came out with a strong and emotional song for an anniversary that happen last year. I'm talking about Ladies' Code and I can't wait to see them this year coming out strong. This song is one of my favorite song in 2015 that hit me so hard. Also another great collaboration is the artists under Polaris who made a tribute to RiSe and EunB. <3

Ladies' Code - I'll Smile Even If It Hurts

Polaris Family -  I'm Fine Thank You

Last and not least, it not actually from an agency but from a variety show called Hitmaker. Hitmaker Project is creating a group and write a song from that group to sing. This is the second season of the Hitmaker Project. Chamsonyeo is the girl group from Hitmaker Project who consists of G.NA, After School Lizzy, 4Minute Sohyun and KARA Youngji. 

Chamsonyeo - Magic Words

There you have it the last bits of my hits songs from 2015 from each different companies. Thank you. Look out for next week. 

(Credit: All video is found on and belongs to the rightful owner, uploader, and artists agencies.) 

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