Saturday, January 16, 2016

[SOTW] 2015 Hits Songs Release By YG

In this week SOTW, we are talking about the hit song release by YG. Honestly, I haven't been up to date with everyone from YG therefore, this week the blog is short. 

Let start off with PSY! I haven't seen or heard his new song, but I think we can listen to it together and get a good first reaction from me.

PSY - Daddy
Let start off with the fact that it have already been view more than 97 millions times before me and that it feature CL of 2NE1 too. I see some familiar faces but the baby have a huge head. LOL! And then comes the ballerina, or should I say ballerino. Over all I think it a typical PSY's MV honestly, the song is okay. I don't hate it but I don't like it either too.

Let talk about the big hit this year from YG. It Big Bang. They came back with 4 single album making the 'MADE' series releasing 2 songs each month during May to August.

Big Bang - Loser

Big Bang - Bae Bae

Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang

Big Bang - We Like 2 Party

Big Bang - If You

Big Bang - Sober

Big Bang (GD & TOP) - Zutter

Big Bang - Let's Not Fall In Love

With so many song from Big Bang, I couldn't keep up. I have only heard 5 songs out of the 8 songs they release in their single albums. And each of the song came with a MV too.

The next hot issue from YG is iKon. iKon been getting a lot of heat before their debut even before WINNER debuted too. So finally iKon debut this year.

iKon - My Type

This is still one of my favorite song from iKon. It was a great way to let people see iKon before their official debut, along this is sort of like their debut song too.

iKon came out with a single album then a mini album and then a full studio album in one year only. That amazing! Here are some songs I would recommend you guys to listen too.

iKon - Welcome Back

iKon - Rhythm Ta

iKon - Airplane

iKon - Dumb & Dumber

iKon - Apology

iKon have not only impress me before their debut with the survival shows but they were a big rookie monster group this year.

Here, I save my favorite song release by YG Entertainment in 2015.

Jinusean - Tell Me One More Time

I know that CL of 2NE1 also release a song too, but I still haven't listen to it, and I really don't think I have enough words to say anything about the song, I didn't put it on this list. But I do want to see 2NE1 comeback in 2016 and I know WINNER is comeback in 2016.

(Credits: All video are found on and provided by YG Entertainment and the broadcasting station and the uploaders.) 

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