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LTA KPOP EP 92: Top 5 APINK-Acting Drama/Movie

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APink debuted as a 7-member group in 2011 and in 2013, one of the member left to focus on her studies leaving the group to be a 6-member group. The girls receive lots of love for their songs but also their acting too. 

I am bringing you my top 5 favorite APINK member acting drama/movie. And majority of them are one member, but let not forget the other members too. I will be adding the special honor mentions too. 

5. Eunji - That Winter, The Wind Blows
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Eunji plays Moon Hee Sun along side Jo In Sung and Kim Bum's characters. Although the drama wasn't a hit for me, Eunji playing beside Kim Bum was something to remember.

4. Chorong - Plus Nine Boys
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Chorong plays Han Soo Ah along side Sungjae of BTOB. Plus Nine Boys is a really great drama, because of the another couple in the drama but Chorong and Sungjae's character were sweet and something to remember. 

3. Eunji - Trot Lovers
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Eunji plays Choi Choon Hee who follows in her mother footsteps becoming a trot singer while providing for her younger sister. This is a really good drama, it actually remind me of another drama that I don't remember the title too, but in a similar way only. It great to see Eunji's vocal skills and plus Eunji singing trot too. Bonus and bonus. 

2. Eunji - Cheer Up! 
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Eunji play Kang Yeon Doo in this drama. This is one of the best drama by Eunji overall plus one of my favorite for 2015. I love the story line and the relationships between the teachers and the students. 

1. Eunji - Reply 1997
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Reply 1997 is the first and still one of the best drama overall and the best of the reply series too. Eunji play Sung Shi Won, the girl obsessed with the boy band H.O.T. This is the best drama of Eunji, in my opinion. 

Now the special honor mentions. I know the other members act too, but I haven't seen a lot of the dramas they have act in expects for some short clips only. 

Special Honor Mentions: 

Naeun - Twenty Again
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Naeun - Salamander Guru and The Shadows
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Chorong - All My Love
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Namjoo - Detective Alive
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Bonus Mentions:

Chorong and Bomi - Reply 1997
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