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[SOTW] 2015 Hits Songs Release by Other Agencies Part 1

Today, I bring you the 2015 Hit Songs Releases by Other Agencies, not SM, JYP or YG. There is a lot of other agencies but I pick some of my favorite release of 2015 along with agencies/entertainment that I know. This is the first part and the second part will come next week. 

Let started off with TS Entertainment. TS Entertainment is the home of Secret, Untouchable, BAP and Sonamoo. Although BAP and Sonamoo did promote in 2015, I didn't really like their songs that much, and so the only hits is really from Untouchable's Sleepy. 

Sleepy ft. Song Ji Eun of Secret - Cool Night

Sleepy ft. Baek Ah Yeon - Kibuntat 

The next agencies I'm going to be talking about is FNC Entertainment. FNC is the home of FT Island, CNBlue, AOA, Juniel, and N. Flying. 

These are the hits song release by FNC artists. 

AOA - Heart Attack

CNBlue - Cinderella

Yong Hwa - One Fine Day

Juniel - Sorry

The next agency is Pledis Entertainment, the home of After School, Orange Caramel, Nu'Est and Seventeen. 

Although After School and Nu'est didn't promote in 2015, the debut of Seventeen is a big success for Pledis. Plus the debut of Lizzy of After School as a solo artist. 

Lizzy - I'm Not An Easy Girl

It was wonder to see Lizzy debut as a solo artist but as a KPOP idol debuting with a trot song too. 

Seventeen - Adore U

Seventeen - Mansae

Seventeen came out with great comeback songs to promote, but there is other great songs in the album that I would recommend you to listen too. 

Seventeen - Shining Diamond

Seventeen - Ah Yeah

Seventeen - 20

Seventeen ft. Ailee - Q&A

Next up is Starship Entertainment, home of SISTAR, Boyfriend, K.Will, and Monsta X. 

SISTAR - Shake It

Monsta X - Trepass

Monsta X - Hero

Brand New Music is the home, of multiple artists like Verbal Jint and San E. 

Verbal Jint ft Taeyeon of SNSD - If The World Was A Perfect Place

It great to see Verbal Jint and Taeyeon of SNSD to feature in each other songs. 

San E ft. Baek Yerin of 15& - Me You

Next is Fantagio, the home of Hello Venus and 5urprise. Hello Venus came back with some great dance songs in 2015. 

Hello Venus - Wiggle Wiggle

Hello Venus - I'm Ill

Next is Source Music, the home of GFriend, who known as one of the top rookie of 2015. With stage accidents and some great songs, they came out with great songs.

GFriend - Glass Bead

GFriend - Me Gustas Tu

Next, home of 9Muses and ZE:A, Star Empire Entertainment. Although ZE:A didn't promote in 2015, 9Muses have some great promotion in 2015. 

I discover 9Muses in 2015, although they have already debut for a couple of years, their songs in 2015 been a hit for me. 

9Muses - Drama

9Muses - Hurt Locker

Everybody, what day is it? It's Girls' Day! Girls' Day agency is Dream Tea Entertainment. 

Girls' Day - Ring My Bell

Minah - I Am A Woman Too

Minah made her debut as a solo artist in 2015. 

The next agency is original found by Rain (Bi) and is now the home of MBLAQ and Madtown. 

Madtown - OMGT

Although MBLAQ did promote in 2015, the song hasn't been on my list to put on repeat.

Next and lastly for this post is YMC Entertainment. The only artist from this agency that I really like is Ailee. 

Ailee - Mind Your Own Business

Another song from her 2015 album that I really like is Letting Go featuring f(x) Amber. 

Ailee ft. Amber of f(x) - Letting Go

That is it for today post. But part 2 will come next week. Thank you.

(Credit: All video is found on and belongs to the artists agency and the uploaders.)

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