Friday, May 8, 2015

[Drama Review] After School Lucky or Not Season 1

This drama stars Fantagio's five members actor-idols group 5urprise starting Season 1 with Kim So Eun and Season 2 with Alice of Hello Venus or by her real name Song Joo Hee. This series is also known as After School Bokbulbok. 

Season 1

A high school story centering around Kim So Eun, a timid girl with an ordinary life who gets invited to a school 'drawing' club, after which point she begins to encounter 'fantastical and extraordinary events.' So Eun will suddenly find herself as the leader of the club, and go on to build a strong friendship and even love relationship with the other five male members. Each episode contains particular 'missions' that have to be carried out, and in the process So Eun comes out of her shell and draws out her bright and lively personality. At the end of the story, we get to see the reason of why the groups have missions to complete and why Kim So Eun was invited to the group. 



Kim So Eun | Seo Kang Joon


Gong Myung | Lee Tae Hwan


Kang Tae Oh  | Yoo Il

Kim So Eun plays as Kim So Eun 
Seo Kang Joon plays as Seo Kang Joon
Gong Myung plays as Gong Myung
Lee Tae Hwan plays as Han Jae Hee 
Kang Tae Oh plays as Kang Tae Poong 
Yoo Il plays as Yoo Il

Extended Cast 


Im Hyun Sung | Jung Woo Shik

Jung Woo Shik plays as Young Shik, friends of the five boys. 

Cameo Appearances

Hello Venus in episode 1 | Yum Jung Ah in episode 2 | Yoon Seung Ah in episode 2

Kim Sung Soo in episode 3 | Joo Sang Wook in episode 3 | Kim Suh Hyung in episode 4

Jung Gyeo Woon in episode 4 and 12 | Lizzy (After School) in episode 5 | Robert Holley in episode 6

Kim Sung Kyun in episode 6 | Jung Kyung Ho in episode 7 | Kim Young Ae in episode 8

Choi Won Young in episode 11


I love Kim So Eun, so no matter what I was going to finish watching this mini drama series, because I want more Kim So Eun, but along the way, I feel in love with the five handsome boys here. I love the drama, but somehow, I think it was pretty boring at one point in the drama that I wish I could change. One thing is that I love cameo appearances and so it was just so fun to catch all the cameo appearances from other celebrities. Honestly, we don't really know how it ended with the love relationships between them all but, I wish Kang Seo Joon and Kim So Eun ended up together because they look cute together in the drama. There is one thing I would change and that will only be the ending since I didn't like it at all.

Rate: 7.5/10

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