Wednesday, May 13, 2015

LTA KPOP EP 69: MV Review Pt 2

Welcome back to MV Review pt 2 this week. I promise an actual episode next week that is not a MV Review, it just that this week is Finals Week, and I have finals all week long and I been to busy study that I didn't have time to actually post or write a episode on draft so this is what I have on my head at the moment. 

Hyosung - Into You

Start off with a spooky room and some old cassette. Do they still exist? Well I know I still have some of my classic on cassettes that I can't throw away at all. Then it pops out Hyosung beautiful smile:) and wink. WOW, cleavage and she back with orange/blonde hair, that I really think it match her very well. This song is very different from of course Secret but also very different from her first solo title song. It a very sexy mv and plus she rapping. A car wash too. There tons of bright scenes from the flashback moments that I really love and think it suits very well with the spring and/or summer season. But of course the dark and dancing scenes are the main concepts for this song and I think it alright. It a song that I feel like I might listen to it again, but not a favorite from the start. 

Hyunseung - Ma First
It starts off with an alley way with two girls walking and then appear Hyungseung. Dancing and singing following a girl. But I think the dance is really good. Oh he got slap. I think this song is pretty addicting especially the chorus. I am glad he also went solo too, because the song is really good and his voice sounds a lot better here than in Trouble Maker but I somehow wish Hyuna would of feature in the mv. Wait never mind I take that back because then it would just feel like a Trouble Maker mv lol. 

BESTie - Excuse Me
Those legs, I happen to not like the outfits the girls wear with the binki top looking top. The song sounds a lot better listening to it the second or third time. The girls all look very pretty. I somehow think the rapping parts doesn't really match the song and it would sound better without the rap. The mv is very funny with all the male actors acting all hilarious too. 

Sunggyu - Kontrol
He is back with a solo song. Start off with fishes and water and him in a bathroom putting his head in a sink full of water. The song starts slow and the beat starts picking up more but it still a slow song. It smoothing though. It very hard to describe the scenes in this mv. I suggest you watch it yourself. There a storyline for this mv but the video make it looks like a vintage video with the lighting and edit. 

Any more comeback songs?! Let me know, I know SHINee is coming back soon and I can't wait because it been forever. Let me know you thoughts. Thanks.

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