Saturday, May 9, 2015

[SOTW] 8282, Danger!, Boy in LUV, I Caught Ya!

This week song of the week is very similar to last week, because my playlist of song that on repeat is the same exact songs from last week. Of course, I still haven't heard of Big Bang new comeback songs but I have heard of BESTie new songs and I will do a review on it in the next LTA KPOP episode, but I need discover some other songs that I really like this week too. 

Miss A - I Caught Ya

This is an okay song for me, I happen to really like the chorus that the main reason why this song been on repeat a couple of times this week. Special note: this was written by yours truly, Suzy herself. Got Ya!
Not only is that, but I have discover old loves or more like old songs that I am currently loving right now.

Davichi - 8282

Davichi is known for their ballads, and although I love their ballads, it is great listening to more of a upbeat song like this sing by these wonderful vocalists. 

Not only discover old songs, but I discover my love for BTS. I mean I heard their songs before and love it but I discover a little more love to them by their dances. I love their dance for a lot of reason being hard to follow, I not a pro but of course something addicting too. 

BTS - Danger

BTS - Boy in Luv

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