Monday, May 11, 2015

LTA KPOP EP 68: MV Review

Oh Yeah!:) Since I didn't have one of the LTA KPOP Episode on draft yet, it was better to do a MV review since I am still waiting on watching Big Bang comeback song and music video. Plus there tons and tons of new mv to review too.

Big Bang - Bae Bae

 Wow, GD headbang. I seriously thought this was going to be a strong beat but it smooth and easy plus simple. Also did GD just said 'nigga' I am not sure? Taeyang appear on a horse too. Someone let me know. Dang that flower aisle that TOP appear in, purple and yellow. That look nice. Oh finally Daesung appear. Seungri in white hair which looks nice on him. This mv is just so crazy and out of the ordinary. They look drunk and crazy on a different planet. It an okay song. There not much of a addiction to this song at all, but it something different for Big Bang.

Big Bang - Loser
What is that on Taeyang lips? Huh, plus that writing on GD neck is scaring to beginning this mv too. This look like it was taken in the States. On the roof of buildings and plus that pit bull with Taeyang, it looks like it was biting him. OMG! TOP! NOOOOOO!!!! What the heck. Those scenes with the female model and TOP! This song is okay. I do happen to like this song. 'Just a loser~~' It will be something that I say now. I don't understand the storyline of this mv at all because it just seem so out of place.

BoA is back! Those feathers fans that the those dancers are carrying are so big! This is the typical SM video in a box setting. This seem like a dance mv basically except for some seem with shots of BoA. I think this would be a great mv if their was a storyline to the song. The song is addicting and to tell you the truth, this morning when I listen to it, it was okay but now listening to it again, it should better. So listen to it a couple of time before you decide on it, okay? Those red lips suit BoA very well. The song have English lyrics which BoA sounds really good in English. Although this style, I find it very different from past BoA styles and concepts and so I don't know how I feel about it. Overall, it a great song, but the mv doesn't suit it that well.

BoA - Who Are You
Featuring LINE! Whooooo! The mv starts out bright and BoA only appear in the screens of TV, mirrors, and the cellphone. 'Who are you stranger, can't stop thinking about you~~' This song sounds very good and plus I love BoA voice in this songs. Although you only seen BoA a couple of time, she look good in the mv. Also EXO Sehun appear right at the end of the mv, and tons of people who watch this mv is EXO-L, who seem disappointing but honestly, I think Sehun just made this song and mv a little better.

So let stop here with the MV review so I can review some in the next episode plus I don't want to make this super long too.

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