Wednesday, May 20, 2015

LTA KPOP EP 71: Oh No! Former JYP Trainees: Girl Edition

Don't think wrong. The "Oh No" part of this title doesn't been anything bad, but more like 'Oh No, they lost some great talents or artists.' There have been artists who have been trained in different companies before debuting in the company that debuted them, so in this episode we are focusing on former JYP female/girls trainees. This is my own opinion and in no particular order is 10 former JYP trainees. 

Tara Hyomin
 Rainbow Jaekyung


Lovelyz Yein

Secret Jieun

She was trained under different companies before her debut. 

After School Raina

 EXID Hani


 APink Chorong

Special Honorable Mentions: EXID Junghwa, Hong Jin Young, BESTie Uji, BESTie Haeryung, Sonamoo Eunijin

Here you have it, some of JYP former trainees who have successful debuted. 

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