Saturday, May 2, 2015

[SOTW] Pepe, Ah Yeah Cupid, Whoz That Girl!

SOTW stands for 'Song Of The Week' where I tell you some of the current Songs TOO Addict and I have been on have REPEAT. It could be new song Just recently Release or it could be an Old favorite that I have not been to Listening for a while now. 

EXID - Ah Yeah
EXID is back after 'Up & Down' with the title song 'Ah Yeah' and I am Addicted to this song. I Love EXID Since Their debut and so of Course Coming out with this song and I went back to Listen to Their Their debut debut song 'Whoz That Girl', but I was more interested in the current and former format of the song. 

EXID w / former members

EXID comparison

I'm been so INTO the drama 'Girl Who Can See Smell' that I been in Love with the OST for this drama. One of My favorite is from Gfriend Yerin and Loco.

I have also discover new rookie groups like Oh My Girl and CLC.

This is Oh My Girl with 'Cupid' which seems very similar to After School 'Bang' with lots of cheer-leading shouting, but I love this song because it very catchy. 

This is CLC with the song 'Pepe'. I feel in Love with this song, right after I Heard it and I can't stop replaying it. I Believe (My iTunes Keep Track Because of it) I have it Listen to over 100 times in a week since I found it.

There you have it, Songs of the Week. It was suppose to be Only One Excludes all but I can not I have been the Other Great Songs Listening TOO 

Yes, Big Bang have new releases but I have not hear them yet or listen to them because I want to do a great and well music review for you guys. 

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