Wednesday, May 27, 2015

LTA KPOP EP 75: Oh No! Former DSP Trainees

DSP Media the home of the Japanese craze girl group KARA have some successfully debuted trainees too. But there wasn't a long list to pick out from, so here is 4 artists. 

Son Dambi
NS Yoon G

Goo Hye Sun

BEAST Kikwang
He trained under both JYP and DSP Media before joining Cube to debut with BEAST.

Special Honorable Mention: Baby Kara Ahn Sojin
RIP 02242015
Although she never debuted, she was introduce to us as one of the Baby Kara (contestant). 

There you have it, the list of former DSP Media Trainees. Your thoughts in the comment section and I'll see you soon. Thanks:). 

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