Wednesday, May 27, 2015

LTA KPOP EP 73: Oh No! Former SM Trainees

Who said JYP was the only entertainment with successfully debuted trainees. Of course SM is a big part of the entertainment world, and KPOP industry since they have great big name artists under their belt for example like SNSD and Super Junior, just to name a few artists. But there some trainees who made to train under SM, but didn't debut under there. Here I have 10 artists who trained under SM before making their debut in a different company, in no particular order.

BESTie Dahye
Kara Gyuri

BAP Himchan


Rainbow Hyunyoung


4Minute Gayoon

Tara Soyeon

Big Bang GD

Rainbow Woori

Special Honorable Mentions: SS501 Youngsaeng, SS501 Jungmin, 5Dolls Chanmi

There you have it, the list of former SM trainees who successfully debuted not under SM. Comment down below. Thanks:) 

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