Friday, May 1, 2015

[Drama Review] Dream Knight

A production about music and dance revolving around a girl with a lot of pain, who later beings to grow her dreams, love, friendship with a group of mysterious boys. 


A young girl Joo In Hyung, who lost her mother  at a young age became poor. Living on her own with four dolls given to her by her mother in a trailer down by the river. Suffering from her past of losing her mother, she also deals with friendship and love relationship. Magically, four handsome boys appear out of no where knowing who she is and have a connect with her. 



JB | Jr


Mark | Jackson


Yugyeom | Bam Bam


Youngjae | Song Ha Yoon

All GOT7 members play as themselves.

Song Ha Yoon plays as Joo In Hyung. 


I love this drama, although it was only a 12 episodes drama only. I wish it was more but of course, it a short or mini drama. The ending it want I didn't understand at all because he came back. I'm rewatching it because I love it, although some of their acting seems so out of play and weird too. 

Rate: 10/10 

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