Friday, May 15, 2015

[Drama Review] After School Lucky or Not Season 2

This drama stars Fantagio's five members actor-idols group 5urprise starting Season 1 with Kim So Eun and Season 2 with Alice of Hello Venus or by her real name Song Joo Hee. This series is also known as After School Bokbulbok. 

Season 2

School's back in session and everybody's favorite group of boys are back fro a new semester of extracurricular antics in their new school. This season, the magical mentors reassemble with their newly elected leader, Song Joo Hee, a bashful student who quickly discovers a new breed of cram school that's full of wondrous adventures and life lessons.


Kang Tae Oh | Alice


Gong Myung | Yoo Il

Lee Tae Hwan | Han Ji Suk

Kang Tae Oh play as Kang Tae Poong 

Alice play as Song Joo Hee

Gong Myung plays as Gong Myung

Yoo Il plays as Yoo Il

Lee Tae Hwan plays as Han Jae Hee

Han Ji Suk plays as Han Ji Suk

Extended Cast:


Nara | Lee Gook Joo


Honestly I didn't like it as much as the first one. First the setting is all wrong. I get it that they are in abroad but still in a Korean school located not only is that the story didn't match well. I feel like Alice should of end up with Kang Tae Oh (Kang Tae Poong) and so all the members of the group will fall in love after five seasons. Yes, I said it, five season. Plus Seo Kang Joon didn't even made a cameo so that ruins everything but it would great to see all the members too. I don't think Alice would of match the role good because Kim So Eun (from the first season) did so good in her role that somehow I didn't think Alice match it. But done deal, I think Alice did a good job in her role. 

Rate: 6/10

Tell me your honest opinions. Thanks. I'll see you in the next post. Sorry for the late post, I should of done it this morning but I forgot too. 

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